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When she was 8-years-old, Mari Copeny wrote a letter to President Obamaasking him to meet with her and a group of people coming to Washington D. The recent event was a success and Mari helped over 1, Flint students head back to school with the supplies they needed! Smart Girls was lucky enough to chat with Mari over e-mail about her recent backpack project, how we can help Flint, and who she looks up to!

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We knew the water in our schools wasn't good because they had lead testing every year.

We knew it was an issue we wanted to combat. What do you do if people don't know that there are 3, locations in the United States with more lead in their water than Flint, Michigan? I think that being a scientist is like being a superhero, because superheroes save people, and want to do what is best for their society — scientists do the same exact thing.

When Malaysia Airlines flight disappeared over the Indian Ocean, she took a look at building a better black box flight recorder. And when she heard about people in her school getting bullied on social media, she created an app to detect and monitor cyberbullying messages. Most people thought I was an 11 year old with a simple, science fair idea, but if I could get this to work I could help so many residents of Flint.

Women of water

Rao is a whirlwind of activity — doing projects with the STEM Scouts of America, co-hosting ren's science programme on public radio, playwriting — but what truly sets this child apart is an innate desire to help others. Little did she know that she would become part of a larger movement — one started by a young girl inspired to bring those who could help, together.

Little Miss Flint received a familiar cheer from home-town fans. Copeny, 11, loves a crowd, but what makes the young girl special is her outsize sense of duty. Changing its water source to the Flint River was only a temporary measure as the city waited to a new regional water system.

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Unfortunately, river water is often the most challenging to treat. Naturally high in corrosive chloride, the river presented a series of water management problems. Lake Huron, the source, was more pH-balanced, creating mineral residue in the old pipes. He came to Flint instead, met with her and redirected the national spotlight onto the city.

Founded as a place for would-be DC entrepreneurs to learn code, develop soft skills and network, In3 was a perfect fit. The girls kept coming back to water. With Flint and nearby Baltimore schools distributing bottled water, the closed fountains seemed part of a larger problem.

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The girls envisioned a transparent de demonstrating successful filtration. Their prototype uses a small fan to push toxins through a filter.

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To demonstrate that the water is clean, pH-testing strips in a clear tube show the balanced pH level. But for the girls, the best outcome might be inspiring others. People in our community who were interested in STEM, they will see us. We just look like regular high school kids. With Little Miss Flint giving voice to the voiceless, the S3 Trio was likewise inspired to set an example by pitching in. In the wake of Flint, the Rao family, like many others across the country, tested their own water.

Rao was astonished by how cumbersome the process was. Not only was the test expensive, but it took two weeks. To Rao, one of the most frightening aspects of the Flint water crisis was simply not knowing if the water was safe. Rao realised that just being able to test your water could be empowering.

I came across this new technology using carbon nanotube sensors to detect hazardous gases in the air.

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I immediately connected that thought back to lead detection… in drinking water. Using a version of carbon nanotubes called 'buckypaper', Rao thought that she had the perfect material for a water-testing strip — in theory.

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It was thrilling to realise that she had discovered something that no one else had tried. But she would need to build the device to test it — a lot of work left to do.

Meet smart girl mari copeny aka ‘little miss flint’

When they offered me the lab space I acted really calm and collected there, but I come home and I start screaming my head off. It was one of the best days of my life, honestly. As Rao and Ruiz worked together, they developed a bond that only makes Tethys more promising.

Rao just might invent a tool that could perform a whole battery of tests cheaply and accurately. For Rao, empowering awareness is just the first step in responding to Flint. And for her the next step is obvious: gathering the data from Tethys and other sources in a single, transparent database. While researching business opportunities in water quality, Doll Avant learned that her father had been diagnosed with diabetes, which was a shock — he lived a healthy lifestyle and had only recently retired. As his condition deteriorated, she discovered an obscure study suggesting a link between arsenic and diabetes.

His water could have been a factor in his illness. What she uncovered stunned her: Thousands of American communities with higher lead levels than Flint. Untold s of EPA violations. Thousands of known carcinogens unregulated by the EPA.

We should treat it the same way we treat money.

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Money is a limited valuable asset, so you have all these sophisticated tools around managing it. We need the same sophisticated tool set around managing water.

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Beyond releasing data once trapped in obscure reports, Aquagenuity intends to give consumers useful direction should they discover compromised water. The key to pulling this off will be using Google Cloud to secure the information, as well as applying machine learning to provide customised health and wellness information.

Asked and answered: president obama responds to an eight-year-old girl from flint

Aquagenuity also plans to provide steps for businesses and governments. A new bottling facility could quickly know what types of filters to use, or local government could find out what kind of back-end filtration is best for a certain manufacturing process. The 20th century was really hard on the planet.

According to Avant, Aquagenuity is rooted in the belief that we have to do things differently.

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Women of Water How six women are raising their voices and using technology to lead the charge for clean water. Mari Copeny. India Skinner. Doll Avant. Gitanjali Rao. Meet the spark plug who roused a nation. Dangerous Chemistry. Flint is a city of overpeople northwest of Detroit. In Aprilthe city switched its water source from one of the Great Lakes to the local Flint River.

Swipe to explore. Mikayla Sharrieff. How one girl is proving no problem is too big.

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Fortunately, one woman has just such a database in the works. How big data could save us from another Flint. But now the issue was personal. And the system actually tells you, hey, these are things that you can do to detoxify — certain metals and different things that are built up in your system. Not waiting for permission.

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Searching for answers. Getting involved. Women of Water: Introduction. Meet the team using machine learning to help save the world's bees. How your smartphone could help save your life in an emergency. How AI is helping to provide advance warnings in emergency situations. A tribe uses mobile phones and TensorFlow to fight illegal logging in the Amazon. Supporting innovative solutions to help better understand our oceans.