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Joe is a proud 4th generation son of South Bend. Construction of the St. This is South Bend, Indiana.

South Bend IN Workers Dating

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The northern part of Indiana was not settled permanently as early as the rest [of the state] although it really had in a way, the earliest start. LaSalle came through the South Bend area inbut it was not until that the first white settler, Pierre Navarre, built his little cabin by the side of the St. Joseph River.

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Four years later, Lathrop M. Taylor arrived as agent for Samuel Hanna. These two men founded South Bend. Wayne which was on the little St. Taylor, Postmaster, Southold, Allen county, Indiana. Inthe government changed the name to South Bend, St. Joseph County, Indiana, and thus it has been known ever since.

The county was organized in ; the town in The first city charter was granted in Two years later, the first directory was issued.

This contains the first printed history of South Bend. The wording of some of the advertisements is very quaint and many of the things advertised are unnecessary in our present day life. Take livery stables for example-the coming generation will not know what such a place was and yet what a thrill some of our older citizens can remember riding in a livery rig such as is pictured in these early directories. The First City Directory. The business of making a directory, compiling and publishing the same, is at best an arduous task.

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Those not conversant with the complicated nature of the work cannot form anything like an adequate idea of the labor connected with it and the care and system required in the printing and getting out of the book in order to be accurate and satisfactory in all its details.

Our advertising department is a feature well worthy of the notice of every class of buyer. It shows the spirit of the go-a-head-activeness in our merchants and business men who desire to make known the wares and commodities they have for sale. These enterprising men may well be distinguished from their old fogy neighbors by the prominence of their s in the s of this first directory of South Bend. Our grandmothers contented themselves with making hair ornaments.

What an indoor sport! The first few s of this first directory are given over to a descriptive historical and business review of South Bend at that time. A look at it will be of interest:. South Bend is the capital of St. Joseph County. The site of the city is on a commanding bluff on the west bank of the St. This is South Bend, proper. An addition to the city has recently been made by annexing the village of Lowell, on the east bank of the river St. Joseph, which has increased the population about 1, souls and which now makes a total of 9, souls.

South bend city directories tell the story

The river bending northward enters the state of Michigan about six miles from South Bend. We believe the name of South Bend was given the city from the fact of its being located on the river at its extreme southern bend. Hence the name South Bend. The site of the city is elevated, the soil is a sandy loam, the surface level; thus making the finest natural streets and sidewalks to be found anywhere. Of the public buildings in use inespecial mention is made in the first directory of the Court House which today serves as a historical museum [no longer].

A valuable and handsome clock has been placed in the cupola at a considerable height so that the correct time of the day may be seen for a good distance. This is a boon which is appreciated by all. The internal arrangements of the building are very complete and we think could not very well be improved, the cells are well ventilated, admirably arranged and kept scrupulously clean. People will do well to give it a wide berth.

The Post Office, erected two years before the directory was issued, was located on the corner of Main and Market now Colfax streets.

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The editors say:. We believe no better arranged post office exists in the state and for tasteful appearance and for adaptation to the purpose for which it was built, can scarcely be excelled in the West. The whole of the lower floor is used as a post office while the upper front rooms are occupied as offices by the mayor. The rear room is used as the city council chamber.

In this day and age, we mail a letter and expect it to be delivered as soon as possible with no thought of the days on which mail is sent out to a certain place. In this was not the case. It hardly seems possible that mail from South Bend reached it but once a week just 70 years ago.

Even if the mails were slow, people must have done quite a little traveling for the back cover of the first directory advertises a of hotels: The Island House, at the depot in Toledo; Spencer House, Cincinnati; Milburn House, Mishawaka; Biddle House, Detroit, and the Western Hotel in New York. Eating places are provided along the line and most luxurious sleeping cars accompany all night trains with no change of cars between Chicago and Cleveland and only one change between Chicago and Buffalo.

Market be. Market 4 d.

More people: jobs stayed in south bend, but employees left

In some instances these places were quite far out. The directory of was the first to give street s as we know them today. It was a year earlier, when free mail delivery by the Post Office Department was commenced, that William Whitten, then city engineer, submitted a plan to the council asing s to houses and store buildings. With few changes, the ing has remained the same as adopted at that time.

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How nice it would be if the same could be said of the names of streets, but alas, many of these have undergone sad changes! The first directory credits South Bend with 9 churches while the one published 2 years later, lists Glancing over the directory ofwe find 99 churches, accommodating the worshipers of South Bend: 79, Protestant; 4, Jewish; 2, Greek; and 14, Roman Catholic. Our present Y. There are four large public schools in the city, three of them being of brick, and will accommodate about scholars each.

West end of Washington Street. Faculty, D. Holmes, president assisted by five department teacher.

South bend, indiana

Notre Dame and its sister institution, St. The directory says:. In the yearthe Rev. Badin, of venerable memory, while traveling through the northern section of the state of Indiana, visited the spot now known by the name of Notre Dame but then lying unnoticed in its native forest wilderness and beauty.

Struck by South Bend IN workers dating loveliness, or to speak more correctly, influenced by that Providence which directs the most apparently unimportant events for the accomplishment of its own eternal des, Father Badin resolved at once to secure this place to the church as the site of a future college. This resolution he executed. Not long after it passed into the hands of Father Sorin, priest of the congregation of Holy Cross who, with a few brothers of the same order had come to America.

They took possession of it in The University was incorporated in and enlarged in Each students was required to bring with him the following, which certainly is not the list a modern college boy would make out: 6 shirts, 6 pocket handkerchiefs; 6 pairs of stockings; 6 towels; 6 napkins; 3 pairs of boots or shoes; 2 suits of clothes for winter and 2 suits of clothes for summer; 1 overcoat with shawl; 1 hat; 1 cap; 1 table knife; 1 fork; 1 teaspoon; 1 tablespoon; and 1 comb and brush. South Bend boasted a business college even in that early day for Mr.

Sumption, the school examiner, in conjunction with a Mr. Adams conducted a Spencerian Commercial College in the St. Joe block.

Directions & parking

That was the day of fancy writing, elegant with its many curves and flourishes. Many a person can remember laboring over the intricacies of a Spencerian copybook. Just as a present directory lists the names of the city and county officials, so we find them listed in the first directory, that of William G. John Brownfield is listed as chief engineer of the fire department with Nathan Marsh and William Mack as his assistants.

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It is interesting to note that no mention is made of a police department, though among the names in the directory, however, that of Alexis Theodore Coquillard is given as chief of police. The sheriff and marshall were evidently able to cope with any law breakers to be found in the peaceful little city. Bissel, George Milburn and James Oliver. The factory was located on the mill race between Market and Michigan Streets. Very few places listed in the directory of are still doing business under the same name. One of the few is the McDonald Studio which did a flourishing business even back in The younger generation of today may think of soda water as a rather modern, 20th century concoction but our grandmothers regaled themselves with this favorite drink.

Just how does anyone suppose Mr. The diction in some of the advertisements seems odd and stilted to us today. LaPierre has disposed of his candy factory to O. Palmer, who prosecutes the business at 57 Michigan St. Knoblock on Washington St.