You should keep in mind that these effects will only become effective on you, when you are taking the right amount of steroid. The overdoses of Masteron can welcome a few health issues. You need to know them in detail before planning to include the Masteron into your routine. Though according to the theory, Masteron is weak and carries a low level of Androgenic properties, but in the practical aspect, it is strong enough and holds a higher level of Androgenic agents.

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However, this steroid is also taken as the DHT derivative. So, there are few common side affects you may face by taking Masteron on a regular basis.


The common side effects of this steroid include:

  • – Hair loss
  • – Acne
  • – Aggression

People who experience having acne after using the Androgen based steroids like Testostrone, may also experience the same while taking Masteron. If you get more spots on your skin by taking Trenbolone, then Masteron will have more of an effect on your skin as a result. So you need to be conscious if few spots are appearing on your body after taking this steroid. Apart from these common issues, you may also get an increased level of blood pressure. You need to take the necessary steps if you face some issues like this. Check the dose and take it properly with the suggestion of a professional to get the best result.

The side-effects of the Masteron depend on the medical and physical condition of the user. It also depends on the dose of the drug that you are taking. Overdose is always risky for people and it is always safe to take it with the expert advice as well.


If you are interested to start taking the Drostanolone Propionate, then you should check its proper dose to avoid certain side-effects. The doses of the Drostanolone Propionate depend on the purpose of starting the cycle. You can take the opinion from an expert in this case. But the general dose of the steroid is given below:

  • – 350-500mg in a week (Propionate version, injected every alternative day)
  • – 400-600mg in a week (Enanthate version, injected two times in a week)

An example of a superb cutting cycle for a superior user would be: (6-10 weeks)

  • – 150mg Testosterone Propionate every alternative day
  • – 50mg Trenbolone Acetate every day (or 100mg every alternative day)
  • – 150mg Masteron (Propionate) every alternative day
  • – 50mg Winstrol each and every day, last 4 weeks of the cycle only

Of course, with such an intermediate or advanced cycle, you can also add in other medicines like T3, Clenbuterol, Growth Hormone, Ephedrine, IGF and more. A more novice cutting cycle may consist of: (6-8 weeks)

  • – 100mg Testosterone Propionate every alternative day
  • – 100mg Masteron (Propionate) every alternative day

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My Test Prop, Tren Ace. and EQ cycle is ended up recently and it was my first cycle. I am very glad about the result of this cycle as well. I have gained 29lbs in 5 weeks of the cycle. I left it for 6 weeks as well. Now I am working on my next cycle. My planning is to like the following. Test Enanthate 500mg/wk for 10 weeks then 250mg/wk for 11 and 12 EQ 600mg for 10 weeks Tren Ace.- 250mg for 4 weeks Masteron- 500mg for 2 weeks I have heard from a few ones that starting the Masteron cycle can make me angry. I don’t have an issue with the anger till now. But some people are warning me about it. And should I take any other anti-estrogen as Masteron is itself an anti-estrogen? Let me know what do you think?

Jim Robertson, professional bodybuilder, INBF/WNBF and INBA/PNBA member:

A few days back when I was in the Masteron cycle I took adex during the period. It keeps e safe side when I am doing the testosterone or Masteron cycle. It depends on your body how it will react but you should test your bc once before starting the cycle.


I am interested in starting the following cycle. I have completed the 10th cycle and going start this one. My present statistic is 5’10” 212-Lbs 9-11% bf. My goal of starting this cycle is gaining and keeping 10-Lbs gain strength as well as keeping the water retention to a minimum level. Test Prop 150mgs EOD (weeks 1-8) Masteron 50mgs EOD (weeks 1-8) NPP 50mgs EOD (weeks 1-6) I will use a-dex on this particular cycle at a low dose that is 0.25mgs eod In the post cycle, I am going to use nolvadex. This is the first time I am going to try Masteron and I am very excited about it too. I was thinking of trying the Testosterone cyp at 500mgs wk but a closed one suggested me this to choose the prop. Let me know what you think about it?

Jim Robertson, professional bodybuilder, INBF/WNBF and INBA/PNBA member:

Your cycle is looking good according to your goals and stats. You should get a good result from it.

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