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Like most versions of Robin, a majority of Drake's time in the DC world has come alongside Batmanbut he's also had his fair share of individual storylines as well.

Robins Girl Dating

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If you're still confused about the 'type' of girl you'd like to date, we can make it rather simple for you. How, you ask? Well, by throwing famous pop-culture references your way of course! By that I mean, we're so intrigued by popular character sketches on TV shows and series, that we imagine finding that very person to be acquainted with.

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Have you ever heard of Gilmore Girls? There were some notable ones, and perhaps a few regrettable ones. Everyone makes mistakes in love! Did he make better choices in love? Was he a better boyfriend than his mentor?

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Meet Cute : Empress Lanya might not be as iconic as Batgirl or Starfire, but she holds the distinction of being the first girl for whom Dick Grayson ever fell. She was the Empress of a hidden Atlantean society that had been taken over by Nazis, and he was an orphaned circus acrobat. Boyfriend Blunders : We forgot to mention one weird thing: Dick was the exact double of Lanya's brother!

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He even disguised himself as her bro during this adventure. Sinking of the Ship : This ship never officially left port, despite the young puppy love between the two youngsters. Once Atlantis was liberated from the Nazis, Batman and Robin returned to Gotham, with the Boy Wonder contemplating how he would never see his Robins girl dating ever again.

She did write him a cool goodbye note that he kept close to his heart. Maybe they can Snapchat? Odds of Endgame : 20 to 1. Lanya has not been seen in decades, but you ever forget your first love. Meet Cute : Dick met Marjory in school, where the Boy Wonder would lovingly stare at her during their classes. Boyfriend Blunders : Dick was very bad at hiding his secret identity from Marjory.

As Robin, he sang the praises of Dick Grayson and hoped it would help endure Marjory to him further.

When Marjory was kidnapped, Robin claimed Dick sent him to save her. Marjory wanted nothing to do with Dick anymore and only dreamed of Robin the Boy Wonder.

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She did tell Dick she would continue dating him, but only if he set her up with Robin as well. Meet Cute : Vera was a celebrity ice skater whom Robin saved in Batman Boyfriend Blunders : Most of us were teenagers at one point, so we can relate to how young love distracts us from everything else.

Sinking of the Ship : Robin decided he needed to rededicate himself to justice, so, alas, Vera was never seen again.

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Bat-Girl was not shy about her attraction to Robin, which made the Boy Wonder super uncomfortable. Boyfriend Blunders : He once told her he was cheating on her with a statue. To be fair, Dick was never that into her in the first place, and once the next Batgirl came along, Betty was forgotten.

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Odds of Endgame : 30 to 1. Could she yet be the Bat-Girl he ends up with? Boyfriend Blunders : Usually college relationships are when things start to heat up, but Dick was always leaving Lori so he could do Robin stuff. Once the mask was on, his relationship to Lori was forgotten and he wasted no time flirting with Batgirl.

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Not cool Boy Wonder. Sinking of the Ship : Lori eventually got fed up with Dick, and began dating someone else. Lori was humiliated, and Dick walked away leaving her life forever. He compared it to trailing criminals, which only made things weirder.

Dick was still working on his social skills in the Bronze Age. She got kidnapped by some crooks, and he saved her as Robin, but he still made sure his civilian identity got some of the credit. Boyfriend Blunders : When Dick was failing college Jennifer offered to say with him all night to help him study. Dick went to catch crooks instead. Sound familiar? When a beautiful co-ed says she wants to help your academic future, let her help you! Meet Cute : After Nightwing rescued Miggie from some kidnappers, he checked up on her at the hospital as Dick Grayson.

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Sparks flew, and Miggie became the first girl to get Dick back on the horse after his disastrous breakup with Starfire. She was arrested, and Dick decided to cut his loses instead of researching the rules for conjugal visits.

Odds of Endgame : to 1. A girl that could make you forgot about your breakup with a hot alien princess is something special. Emily Washburn was a widow whose husbands kept dying under unusual circumstances. He courted her, he had her fall for him and he even bonded with her young son. They had a wedding ceremony and everything, and Dick made sure the proper paperwork was never filed. Boyfriend Blunders : The entire relationship qualifies here, especially because a young kid was involved.

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Dick told her the truth about everything and Emily did not take it well. Dick offered to try having a real relationship with her, but Emily walked off. Could you blame her? Dick was intrigued by Clancy, but his busy life as Nightwing made it difficult to get their relationship off the ground. Boyfriend Blunders : When Dick left girlfriends like Lori Elton or Jennifer Ann to go do superhero stuff, he usually made up some excuse.

Love and robins: the history of tim drake and stephanie brown

With Clancy he would just leave without saying a word. Although Clancy was heartbroken, she and Dick remained friends. Dick did like Clancy, and they could have something special if things ever calm down. Boyfriend Blunders : Some would argue that getting involved with Helena in the first place was a blunder. During her early days she was known for using lethal force and questionable methods, which put her at odds with Batman and the rest of the Bat-Family. Meet Cute : Dick first crossed paths with Catalina in Nightwing 71 when she attended a self defense class he was teaching.

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She brazenly asked for his phonewhich made Barbara Gordon jealous. After Nightwing allowed Tarantula to kill Blockbuster in Nightwing 93Dick went through a depression and in his funk he Catalina took advantage of Dick and forced him into an unwanted physical encounter.

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Boyfriend Blunders : During a period where Dick was in a depressed funk, Catalina convinced him that they should get married for fun. They were seconds from tying the knot in Nightwing 95 before being interrupted by a phone call from Batman. Sinking of the Ship : Dick came to his senses in Nightwing and turned them both in for the murder of Blockbuster, effectively ending their partnership and romance.

Odds of Endgame : 5, to 1. Remember when we said Huntress was a mistake? This was an even bigger one.

Both of them were hiding secrets, Dick was Nightwing and Cheyenne was a metahuman who could create energy blasts. Boyfriend Blunders : The arrangement was odd. Do they both call themselves Nightwing? Both wearing the same costume? Does that mean that Dick is basically dating himself?

Sparks flew and a short romance began. Odds of Endgame : 9, to 1. During that time she had several run ins with Batman and Robin. After helping her prove her innocence for a crime she was accused of, they began a whirlwind romance.

The couple bickered about small stuff like open windows, and Dick making plans for them over a year in advance. Her species uses skin to skin contact to absorb languages, so she kissed Robin passionately in The New Teen Titans 2. Although Dick ran from his feelings for her for a while, he eventually revealed that he loved her and a long romance followed.

Boyfriend Blunders : At one point when the two were on a break in New Titans 99Kory went out on a casual date with another man. Dick showed up to their nightclub in his Nightwing costume and threw the other guy across the room.