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Tinder, the dating app that caught fire on college campuses all across America, has made its mark on Baylor.

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According to Bloomberg Businessweek, 2 million matches happen on Tinder each day. Whether someone uses the app to avoid face-to-face rejection at a bar, to fulfill a sexual lust or to see if that hottie in their English class thinks the same thing about them, Tinder turns the rejection and selection of people into a kind of game, making it as quick and easy as the swipe of a finger.

Tinder changed the game

Jeremy Uecker, assistant professor of sociology at Baylor, said online dating skyrocketed in the s. Dallas sophomore Megan said she met her current boyfriend Mark over Tinder.

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Megan said she first noticed Mark on Tinder because of his attractiveness, but soon became drawn to the gentlemanly, non-sexual way he initiated conversation with her via the app. The first face-to-face encounter between Megan and Mark was a little awkward, Megan said, but the two still clicked just like they had over text and Skype. After their first dinner date, Mark drove down to Waco once every week for a month to visit with Megan and get to know her before asking her to be his girlfriend.

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The couple still sees each other weekly. Uecker said over the course of the past year, only 16 percent of relationships that started online ended in a breakup. The only negative effect of statistical ificance that is reported in the context of relationships that began online is, Uecker said, that people often report less social support of the relationship by friends and family. However, Uecker says that there is definitely less stigma these days about meeting people online or via an app. According to him, using the Internet to meet people is kind of a natural extension of how people do everything — online.

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Megan admits although her experience from Tinder resulted in a dating relationship, most people she knows use the app for hookups. Uecker recently learned of the Tinder phenomenon and said while an online dating site such as eHarmony or match. Uecker does not necessarily agree that online or app dating has anymore to do with looks than any other type of dating.

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Jason, who has been using Tinder for about three months, admitted he mainly uses the app as an ego boost — a way to see if girls he finds attractive find him attractive too. When used as an outlet to scope out potential hookup partners, Tinder makes it easy for just about anyone to find what they are looking for which has the potential to pose a threat to pre-existing relationships.

Both Megan and Jason said the majority of their friends use Tinder regularly.

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Uecker says that he is not surprised that an app like Tinder has swept the Baylor campus. A lot of dating apps do that for you. in. Log into your. Forgot your password? Password recovery.

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Tuesday, August 17, About us. Home Specials Tinder changed the game. By Shannon Findley Reporter Tinder, the dating app that caught fire on college campuses all across America, has made its mark on Baylor.

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