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Campgrounds in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana are open for the season — and after so much time spent inside earlier this year, spending some time in the great outdoors is going to be a welcomed change of pace and scenery! We have lots of great campgrounds to choose from near Cincinnati … and plenty of options for all kinds of camping and skill levels. Camping might look a little different this summer with social distancing, so be sure to check the campground website included in our list below or give them a call if you have any questions or concerns before heading out.

Ohio Distance Hookup

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At the time when Michigan's first pandemic orders were being issued, criminal justice alumnus Eric Peterson and his girlfriend, journalism junior Grace Durfey, were coming up on their one-year anniversary. Because the pair lived three hours away from each other and in different states, they were unable to celebrate the occasion together in person.

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Luckily for Durfey and Peterson, the pandemic restrictions did not change much for them. Their relationship was already built to endure the trials that come with long-distance. The couple only saw each other four times in the summer ofso spending the first several months of the pandemic interacting mainly via text wasn't as intimidating.

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Peterson moved from his hometown of Saugatuck, Michigan, to Durfey's home of Toledo, Ohio, after being hired at a local hospital in September While they were able to spend more time together being in the same city again, COVID exposure from Peterson's job still posed an issue for them. I can't see anybody. According to a Vox articlethose who are newly single have been more open to long distance, virtual relationships during the pandemic.

According to a studypartners in long distance relationships tend to have higher relational stability compared to geographically close partners. In fact, the study showed that long distance partners tend to be more satisfied with the communication in the relationship and have higher perceived agreement. However, that same study said that long distance partners were more likely to separate after reuniting due to higher instances of "extreme idealization.

Even with the COVID restrictions and physical distance between them making it harder for them to see each other, Durfey and Peterson are determined to make it through the pandemic together. The CDC has also recommended certain types of transportation that minimize contact between people of different households as much as possible. Traveling by car, recreational vehicle, or another personal vehicle is the safest method of transportation until the public is widely inoculated against the novel coronavirus, according to the CDC website.

However, stopping for gas, food and supplies may still put motorists at risk of exposure, so it's important to wear a mask, practice good hand hygiene and physically distance whenever possible. Megan Maas, assistant professor of human development and family studies, suggests students who are still engaging Ohio distance hookup hookups practice extra safety measures to reduce their risk of exposure to COVID According to Maas, it's important to quarantine for 10 days or more, and to get tested for the coronavirus before a hookup.

Restricted romance: how students navigate long-distance relationships, hookups amid the pandemic

While she doesn't recommend in-person sex until each partner is vaccinated against COVID, Maas believes there are safe ways to be intimate with a partner virtually, like sending flirty text messages. But it's really important that you don't record anything or take screenshots of anything without someone's consent because that is illegal. Maas said that it's crucial to get tested for STIs along with COVID immediately after having in-person sex, especially without the use of protection. It's also wise to quarantine after a hookup, but testing should be a priority.

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Additionally, it's important to set healthy boundaries and avoid situations that aren't enjoyable. If the risk feels too high, it isn't worth it, Maas said. Research on the long-term side effects of COVID is ongoing and there are a lot of potential future health issues to take into consideration.

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While everyone else in the world was coming to terms with the "new normal," she was coming to terms with being single for the first time in two years. Fuller, who requested to use a pseudonym for privacy reasons, said she grappled with mental health issues in the first months of the pandemic.

She realized the best course of action for her wasn't what everyone else was doing. In fact, she decided she'd do the polar opposite.

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And I was like, 'Well, I might as well just travel. The CDC provides a list of factors to take into consideration before making travel arrangements, such as the potential risks of each mode of transport, high-risk travel activities and living with or visiting individuals in the high-risk demographic.

If travel is not mandatory, public health officials urge against it until the vaccine is widely available. However, against CDC advice, Fuller traveled at least once a month over the course of Some trips she took with friends, while others were solo ventures. During these trips, Fuller and her friends would go to parties and meet up with people in the area.

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Wanting to make the most out of the pandemic putting life on pause has shown Fuller her reckless side, too. According to a study by Lisa Wade, an associate professor of sociology at Occidental College, many students are simultaneously attracted to and repelled by college hookup culture. All of these ideas are widely circulated on campus—and all make reasonable sense—validating the choice to engage in casual sex while invalidating both monogamous relationships and the choice to have no sex at all.

Fuller said that being able to explore her sexuality outside of a relationship helped her overcome some of the shame she thought she'd feel from having sex, having grown up being warned against it. But I've definitely let loose a little bit more and tried to just have more fun and enjoy myself and not be so worried about that or what other people might think of me if they found out. This article is part of the Restricted Romance print issue. Read the entire issue here.

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Tuesday, August 17, Home News City Campus. Verena Daniel. Dina Kaur. Read this to keep your family safe. The State News Editorial Board. Emily Bevard.