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Stuart had four other children, all born more than a few hundred years ago, who lived under the protection of the Gunnach Clan. Or at least closer to home. Aileen smiled gently.

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How old am I 29
Gender: I am girl
What is the color of my hair: Thick brunet hair
What I prefer to listen: Heavy metal
In my spare time I love: I like dancing
Smoker: No

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With my parents gone, there had been nobody to take me in. I rolled over and looked up at her. She was probably right. Why not? It was a decision I came to regret an hour and a half later as I tugged the bottom of my dress while also trying to prevent my boobs from popping out of the top. She shrugged her shoulders. We look hot enough that they let us walk right in without asking for I.

I felt horribly out of place, even surrounded by Carrie and her friends. There were a lot more men than women in the bar, and everyone else looked like they belonged there. Not that it stopped guys from sending us drinks.

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They were starting to pile up in on the table in front of me as I sipped at a diet soft drink. Their conversation drifted around me while I let my gaze sweep across the room. An insanely hot guy with hair so dark it looked almost black and eyes to match.

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Eyes that were heated and locked on my face. He was too far away to hear me, but his lips tilted up in humor as if he had.

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I quickly looked away, unsure of how to react. But this was no boy—he was all man.

And just knowing he was watching me had me hot and bothered. I took a sip of my drink before I peeked up again and found him still staring at me.

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He was dressed in a three-piece suit that looked like it had been deed for his body. It probably cost twenty times more than the dress I was wearing. I knew he was way out of my league.

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We were hardly even friends. I knew who they belonged to before I looked up. His arm slid down until his hand rested on my lower back. He chuckled and pulled me closer, completely unimpressed with my grumbling.

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When we stepped outside, he handed a ticket to the valet. The hundred dollar bill I saw tucked under it had me gasping.

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It would take me several babysitting gigs to make that much money. I lifted my cell out of my purse and wiggled it. My connection with Carrie was complicated, so I stuck with the simplest explanation.

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The valet pulled up in a black, two-door car. He left it running at the curb and opened the passenger side door. I swiveled on my heel, one hand on the frame of his car and the other on his chest. Snap a picture of this and send it to your friend.

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I did as he suggested, but I stopped short of actually sending the message. Peering more closely at his ID, I noticed the date of birth.

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His husky laughter filled the car, but it felt nice. Not like he was making fun of me. As I was pulling my phone back out to pull up directions, my stomach growled.

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You need to be more careful. His gaze swept downwards, lingering on my bare thighs below the short hemline of my dress. Just not my favorite dinner. He changed directions, doing a quick U-turn. I can have a hot meal in front of you in less than fifteen minutes. Insurrection Nevermore by Sherrilyn Kenyon.

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Runaway Vampire by Lynsay Sands. Cold by Max Monroe. A Buckhorn Baby by Lori Foster. Naughty Nelle by L'AmourNelle. His Prisoner by Jesse Jordan. Free Novels Online Read Home.

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The Virgin's Guardian by Fiona Davenport 1. SteeleKathi S. BartonAlexis AngelSarah J.

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