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A young mother was arrested by Vallejo police after her 3-month-old baby was left alone in a hot car while she got her nails done, authorities said. Scot Babot Jr.

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In my column, I wrote about what happened to Carlos Yescas, an year-old Latino man, when he was arrested by a plainclothes Vallejo police officer.

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On Feb. On Monday morning, Martinez said, a Vallejo police officer was parked outside her home. Martinez told me the officer followed her husband, Francisco Melchor, as he drove to drop off two of her children at school. She said Melchor returned home for breakfast.

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On his drive to work, Martinez said, an officer followed him again, this time trailing his car until he got on the highway. The intimidation Martinez felt from Vallejo police is similar to s of intimidation that other people of color in Vallejo have described to me. All of these people have one thing in common: They have spoken out about what they say is aggressive and unnecessary force by their local officers.

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The family of Angel Ramos, a Latino man who was shot and killed by Vallejo police in the early morning hours of Jan. They say that in the days and months afterward, Vallejo police officers repeatedly shined spotlights into the windows of their house. They said police also parked in front of the house to flash emergency lights and blare sirens for no apparent reason.

But he told her the family had better stop what it was doing.

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The family filed a civil rights lawsuit against the Police Department that alleges excessive force and wrongful death. They said that months after the shooting, police officers shined lights into their homes more than once for no apparent reason. Adrian Burrell is so disturbed by his experiences with Vallejo police he feels he cannot live in his home.

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Burrell, a year-old Marine veteran, posted a video to Facebook and Instagram on Jan. Burrell, who is black, said he suffered a concussion, and his video went viral. The very day he posted the video — hours later, he was standing in the driveway of his Vallejo home when two police officers quickly rolled up, stopped their car in front of his home and jumped out, approaching him. Their manner — their fast movements and unfriendly demeanor — were unsettling to Burrell, given his recent bad experience with a Vallejo officer, he said.

Also in the driveway with him that day was his attorney, Melissa Nold. They identified themselves as Lt. Steve Cheatham and Sgt. Drew Ramsay, and said they were conducting an internal affairs investigation, Nold said.

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She told them they could schedule an interview with Burrell. I reached out to Vallejo police but, once again, did not get my questions answered.

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Officers did not respond when I asked about police intimidation. Vallejo police Capt. I also reached out to every City Council member and told them about my reporting on alleged police intimidation.

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I heard back only from Hakeem Brown. But when we talked Thursday, he declined to answer questions on the record.

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San Francisco Chronicle columnist Otis R. Taylor Jr. : otaylor sfchronicle. Most Popular. Top of the News. A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit against five school board members and the district, saying board member Alison Collins failed to prove violation of free speech rights.

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Bay Area rapper Zumbi dies at a Berkeley hospital. Fans are grieving. Activists slam mayor over decision to put CHP officers on the streets. Should we dam the Golden Gate first?

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