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Opening day for whitetail deer, somehow not a state holiday, is just days away on November 2. Most Texas hunters will have long ago figured out their plans for deer season.

Houston Texas U Dating Hunt

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Staff will be working remotely on both days and can be reached by phone or at or adbrc uh.

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The Map Booklet specifies the rules and regulations, season dates, and bag limits which govern the use of these lands.

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This information is also available on these web s. All editions of the booklet and webs are obsolete. Paper on-site registration forms will no longer be found at the back of this booklet and at the dove and small games private lands lease area Information Station.

An online registration process has been developed for those interested in participating in Mentored Hunting Workshops see xxiv. Mentored Hunting Workshops are deed to introduce first-time hunters to the hunting experience, educate them on the skills they will need to be successful in the field, and build a foundation for their hunting tradition. New hunters wishing to register for a workshop should visit the, Mentored Hunting Workshops Registration to complete the registration process.

These deated public hunting lands are owned by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department or are leased by Texas Parks and Wildlife from private landowners. Any person entering upon the deated public hunting lands does so at their own risk and acknowledges, recognizes and agrees that all hunting and other approved outdoor recreational activities are potentially dangerous in part because of the use of firearms by hunters of varying degrees of proficiency and conditions of nature.

I, the Houston Texas u dating hunt, have read this release and understand all its terms. All public users must obey regulations listed in the Map Booklet or posted at an area. Regulations concerning seasons, bag and possession limits, and the means and methods of taking wildlife resources, will generally conform to those established by the TPWD Commission or the Executive Director, along with those in effect for the county or counties where individual units are located except where specific exceptions are made in this publication or posted at an area.

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Updates will be posted on the website as they become available — Annual Public Hunting Permit web. Additional information concerning hunting seasons, bag and possession limits, and lawful means and methods can be found at OutdoorAnnual. Harvest Information Program HIP certification is required for hunting any type of migratory game birds. Each map has a Legal Game legend or box, which will list the legal species that may be hunted, special regulations and important notices about access to the unit.

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In some cases, there may be more than one legend or box on the map. These regulations may vary from those established for the county in which the property lies. It is important to read and follow the Prohibited Acts and the information in the Legal Game legends to insure a safe and legal hunting experience on public hunting lands. If a species or season is not listed in the Legal Game Legend, there is no hunting allowed for that species or by that particular means on the unit. Example, if there is only an archery deer season listed, then no gun hunting is allowed for deer on that area.

Dogs may be used for hunting squirrel, rabbits, hares, furbearing animals, predatory animals, and game birds other than turkey on most units during the open seasons. See the Prohibited Acts section for rules and regulations concerning the use of dogs and area maps for further restrictions.

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White-tailed deer bag limits are the total of deer that may be harvested for all seasons combined. Several public hunting areas have antler restrictions. Refer to the individual unit maps for more information. On units which have a spring season for Eastern turkeyall harvested turkey must be reported to the department via mobile application within 24 hours of harvest.

Harvested turkey may be field dressed but must otherwise remain intact. To report a harvested turkey or to download the mobile reporting application, go to the My Texas Hunt Harvest web. Unless otherwise specified for a specific unit, shooting hours for feral hogs, rabbits, and hares will be restricted to daylight hours only, and furbearers and predators may be taken anytime day or night unless restricted in the Legal Game box.

The bag limit for frogs or bullfrogs per hour period midnight to midnight is Black bears have been seen on or around some public hunting lands in East and West Texas.

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Hunters are reminded that black bears are protected and may not be harmed or killed. Please report black bear sightings or mortalities to the appropriate wildlife district office — Bear Safety. The following abbreviations, words and terms, when used in this publication, shall have the following meanings, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise. Important — in addition to the other applicable statutes or regulations, a person on Public Hunting Lands commits an offense if that person:.

Exempt from these requirements are: 1 authorized department personnel and landowner employees, 2 persons hunting turkey or migratory game birds, 3 persons within the enclosed passenger compartment of a motor vehicle, 4 persons within a deated campground, deated vehicle parking area, deated boat launching facility or departmental check station, and 5 persons other than hunters on COE properties.

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Notice to archery hunters and recreational users: you must wear hunter orange during daylight hours at any time when firearm hunting for any species is authorized on the unit. Many units allow firearm hunting year-round for rabbits, and firearm hunts for squirrel and dove often are conducted concurrently with archery deer hunts. Notice: the use of scent lures simulating animal odors is not considered baiting. In addition to the prohibited acts listed on s xi-xii, the following information and additional restrictions, apply to hunters and those accompanying hunters on U.

Forest Service Units. In instances where these additional restrictions and rules appearing elsewhere are in conflict, these additional restrictions will prevail.

Important changes for

In order for the USFS units to obtain valuable harvest information, all deer harvested on certain days must be checked at a deated deer check station and receive a metal harvest tag. Deer must be field dressed prior to check-in. See unit maps for more information on when check stations will be open.

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The MVUM also displays allowed uses by vehicle class highway-legal vehicles, vehicles less than 50 inches wide and motorcyclesseasonal allowances and provides information on other travel rules and regulations. Routes not shown on the MVUM are not open to public motor vehicle travel.

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Routes deated for motorized use may not always be ed on the ground but will be identified on the MVUM. The MVUM will be updated annually to correct mapping errors or discrepancies and update travel decisions. The MVUM is a black and white map with no topographic features. It is not a stand-alone map and is best used in conjunction with a Forest Visitor Map. The MVUM list is also available for download and sections of these maps may be printed from your home computer.

Visit the National Forest and Grasslands in Texas home www. Camping is restricted to developed campgrounds, deated hunter camps, and deated camp sites only from one day prior to the start of the Archery Season until one day after the end of the General Gun Season. Some USFS unit ro may be closed to vehicular traffic on a seasonal basis. As a permit holder, you retain the right to walk into the unit and utilize it for authorized activities although access may temporarily be less convenient.

Be sure that your parked vehicle does not impede the flow of traffic or present a safety hazard.

Your vehicle may be ticketed or even towed if necessary to allow emergency access. These orders describe the prohibitions, closures and regulations for the National Forests and Grasslands in Texas and are subject to updates and changes. Raguet St. For more information visit the National Forests and Grasslands in Texas website or contact the following offices.

Zavalla, TX All participants in youth hunts must possess a huntingany required stamps, and HIP Harvest Information Program certification if hunting migratory birds.

Table of contents

Adult supervision of minors is required during public hunts. When hunting on public lands, youth under 17 are required to be under the immediate supervision of a duly permitted, authorized supervising adult, age 18 or older, who is d to hunt in Texas:. Please note that this hunter education requirement is different than the statewide requirement and is in effect for all public hunting lands under the administration of TPWD.

The supervising adult is responsible for the actions and liability of the youth. A Quick Reference Chart is Houston Texas u dating hunt on each Public Hunt Region Map to assist in locating those public hunting areas which will offer youth hunting opportunities this season. Refer to the chart and the Table of Contents to locate an area. All of the youth hunt information is found on the unit maps. Special regulations and notices of applicable rules that will be in effect during the hunts are listed in the Legal Game box, or on some maps, in a separate Special Regulations box.

Each group must contain a youth under 17 years of age to participate. See s xx to xxiv for more youth hunting opportunities offered by postcard drawing and Mentored Hunting Workshops. Every adult hunter including out-of-state hunters born on or after September 2,must successfully complete a Hunter Education Training Course. Proof of certification or deferral is required to be on your person while hunting. A deferral may only be obtained once and is only valid until the end of the current year. A person who has been convicted or has received deferred adjudication for violation of the mandatory hunter education requirement is prohibited from applying for a deferral.

For course information, please consult the TPWD Hunter Education Courses web or call toll-freemenu 6 or call What You Need to Know.

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Special Reminders Hunting and Fishing: A hunting and any required stamp endorsements are required to hunt any public hunting lands. A fishing is required to fish from the bank of a Wildlife Management Area if fishing is allowed in the Legal Game Box.

All hunters age 17 and older and adult supervisors must possess an APH to hunt or supervise youth hunters. Many public hunting maps have aerial formats and GPS coordinates. Caution, maps purchased from other sources U. Forest Service, COE, etc. Study the maps closely to avoid trespassing on private property or private ro when accessing, using or leaving public hunting lands. On-site Registration: Many units in this booklet require on-site registration OSR or electronic on-site registration eOSR for entry or participation in certain activities.

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Adult applicants are required to purchase an APH Permit prior to submitting an application. All hunters must have a valid Texas hunting to participate. Permitted hunters must apply w Drawn Hunts drawing system.

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The U. Hunters wishing to apply for antlerless permits must apply online by September 15, Only one application per hunter allowed. Adult and youth permits are available.

Important note:

Only those drawn will be notified. Public hunters need to be aware that whooping cranes might be present in or fly through these public hunting areas. Texas is the wintering location for the last wild whooping crane population in the world. Traditionally, these endangered birds have wintered in wetlands near Aransas National Wildlife Refuge in Aransas County; however, in recent years, whooping cranes have also wintered in other Texas counties.

For more information on whooping crane identification, visit the Texas Nature Trackers Whooper Watch web.