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Hampstead Gulfport Cruising

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By pazandak63January 16, in Carnival Cruise Lines. I was watching this shop about haunted hotels Just curious Suppose to be haunted big-time.

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They even have "Haunted" tours. It is a popular Pre-cruise Hotel that folks stay in before cruising out of long beach. It's about feet from the other cruise ships. While visiting DD in L. It was most interesting, and I kept hoping for a ghost to appear - alas, none of them cooperated. They must've been sleeping in.

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We just returned from the Triumph on Jan We were in suite All day and night our lights would go on and off. We would be in the middle of the room and all of a sudden the lights would go on bright, then ten minutes later the room would be dark. In the middle of the night, the lights would go on. Then one night, the toilet wouldn't flush. My daughter and I both tried it.

About three in the morning, the toilet flushed about 6 times by itself. We would laugh and say we had a ghost.

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We had a party in the room, about 22 people, and they all saw the lights and were laughing about it. One time, I was on lido deck, and I had a full drink in front of me. Moments later, the cup was empty. It was spooky. Then later on, at the show, a cold chill came over me. I had to put on a sweater. Then, later still, I was in the casino, and much of my money mysteriously vanished.

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Another night, I have no reccollection of what happenned between 10pm and 2am. All I know is I woke up the next day with a really bad headache. Have been ever since I saw Linda Carter on tv as. Is that wrong? We took the " Haunted Tour " and for the price of admission, they take you below and fake it all for you I have been to the Queen Mary several times for events and relative's wedding receptions 'n such beautiful place to have a reception btw.

Anyway, on one of our stays, for a company Christmas party, we went back to our rooms and decided to go on a "ghost hunt" at 2 am in the morning. We had sooo much fun I guess as long as we weren't bothering people. We went into the bow.

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It was fun. We even went into the old swimming pool area which was really creepy late at night. Of course, our "hunt" came up empty. Wow Navaleye. It is late, I can't sleep, and my hubby is out of town. Not a good time to read something like that. I found it fascinating though, and I would love to hear about her spirit and the things she confirmed to you via yes and no questions.

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Did she convey to you that she was sad you were leaving? She seemed to enjoy your company, so I wondered if she knew you were leaving and if she conveyed any sadness over it. Yes, she knew where she was, she knew I was a passenger and would be leaving the ship. I asked her if she would like me to come back and got a definate yes.

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Happy to answer any questions I can, but can we do it on the original thread? Many people are gullible and believe in supernatural things.

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I guess if thats what "floats your boat", so be it. It is a multi-billion dollar industry I really like the "ghost hunters" and weirdos like John Edwards. They seem to be able to talk to the dead, but never can get the lottery s Well, everyone believes what they feel is true.

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I don't think it's right to call other's beliefs silly. Like I said on the other thread, I shared your rather blinkered views on the subject until that particular trip and the 4 day experience I had. Every word I have said actually happened, I'll leave it to you decide if you want to believe it or not.

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My only advice is to have an open mind. My experience was amazing.

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I hope you get to experience something similar one day. Once the ghost awoke a sleeping crewmember and led him to a leak that once repaired prevented the steamboat from sinking. People can believe whatever they want.

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Barnum said it perfectly The Black Pearl be haunted by many a seaman! Pirates of the Caribbean II is coming soon. This video is all about YOU! Carnival Cruise Lines.

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Haunted Cruise ship? Recommended Posts. Posted January 16, Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Barnum said?????

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BND Posted January 16, That's exactly what I was thinking. Cotton Posted January 16, Lewdog Posted January 16, Posted January 17, I cant figure if your a comedian or a smart ass?!?!?!? Cute though. Cruise Monkey Posted January 17, NeptunesGoddess Posted January 17, Every year at Halloween, they do a big Halloween haunted "Ship" party.

Navaleye Posted January 17, This should answer your questions and is a true to life or death? Ghosts ARE real Steamboatin Posted January 17, Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Go to topic listing.