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If you have been struggling with a rebellious or misbehaving teen in your home you may be seeking a Christian boarding school that also deals with behavior issues. Has your troubled boy or girl been kicked out of school, or gotten into trouble with the law?

Girls Seeking Boys In Alabama

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When I was in the eighth grade, my English teacher made us read The Hobbit. I remember seeing the size of the book, the size of the font, and absolutely dreading it! However, within the first couple of s I became completely captivated by the story. It was the tale of an unsuspecting, unlikely nobody becoming a brave hero in an unforgettable adventure.

Boys and girls club of south alabama seeking to return to baldwin county

The concept of adventure is everywhere. Because the human heart longs for adventure. More specifically, men were wired to seek adventure. We want to be a part of a story bigger than ourselves. We want to explore and discover. We want to compete and win. We want to make an impact in the lives of those around us. We want to make a difference in this world.

We want our lives to matter. Unfortunately, this hunt for exploration and competition is often corrupted and distorted as boys mature. Somewhere along the way, the desire for adventure that was once fulfilled through imaginative games is traded for addiction to a screen.

And all too often, teenage boys find themselves preoccupied with pornography and video games. As student pastors, we know the struggles our teenagers face concerning pornography. We know the dangers of pornography. We know the advice to give: genuine heart change, Internet monitoring, ability and mentorship.

However, even with all the guardrails and parental controls, it still seems we are fighting a losing battle. Did you know that 86 percent of young men self-report an interaction with porn within the last month? Former missionary Brooks Buser explains in a recent article that single men are rare on the mission field. If you find one, girls seeking boys in Alabama it so we can study it and find out where they come from. How can young men, who were deed for adventure, stay on the sidelines? In addition to pornography, video games have captured the attention of many teenage guys.

Technology is advancing, graphics are improving and video games have never been more popular. Rocket LeagueFortnite and Madden consume a majority of their free time. It is estimated 56 percent of teens play video games for an average of 2. Why are teenage guys addicted to pornography and video games? The scientific answer, in short, is dopamine.

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Dopamine is often referred to as a pleasure chemical. At the same time, it makes him addicted to these activities because of the rewarding feeling. However, I believe the underlying issue is the longing for adventure. Men are wired for adventure but often find themselves watching pornography or playing video games as a result of boredom.

This reality has created a generation of men looking to satisfy their desire for excitement in fake women, fake romance, fake games and fake battles.

They seek to fill their craving for exploration with computer screens and computer-generated images. In the digital age, and in a world of virtual school, virtual church and virtual reality, the solution to two of the main problems for teenage guys is the opposite: Put down the phone, turn off the screen and seek to be a part of a bigger story.

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Instead of suppressing masculinity, may they redirect it to something noble. Instead of mastering things of little value or no importance, may they master spiritual disciplines. Instead of seeking adventure in fantasy land, may they seek it in godly ambitions. Instead of occupying themselves with fake people and fake fights, may they invest themselves into a real battle — a cosmic battle waging for the souls of real people.

Give them more responsibility. Challenge them. Stretch them.

He created you to make war. And a bored man is a dangerous man. Invite them to be a part of the greatest adventure. As Bilbo put down his walking stick for a sword, may young men put down their PlayStation controllers to pick up their sword — the sword of the Spirit. May they throw aside the dopamine from the artificial and embrace the adrenaline from taking bold risks for the gospel.

This article was originally published at ymlink. I like a bargain.

Adventure seeking: reclaiming a generation of young men for christ

Pretty soon, college campuses across our state might be getting more than they bargained for to. Did you know that you can use a question to make almost any statement you desire? Made with by Dogwood.

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Christian boarding schools for teens in tuscumbia, alabama

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. Two for the Price of One I like a bargain. Pretty soon, college campuses across our state might be getting more than they bargained…. Using the Statement Question Did you know that you can use a question to make almost any statement you desire? I just did it,…. Back to School: Spring Forward — in the Fall?? The back-to-school season is a stressful time for everyone in the youth ministry context.

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