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Dating silicon Seattle, Erotik lady seek friend dating silicon Seattle escorts

This phrase is synonymous with living here in the Bay Area. Everything is tech now — health tech, travel tech, fin-tech.

Dating Silicon Seattle

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How big is the impact on the overall daily life in the city?

Here’s the one key advantage seattle’s tech ecosystem has over silicon valley

Tech people everywhere, or just part of the larger community? Development of housing prices?

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Certainly the impact of Tech can be felt in Seattle. On the Eastside there is a dominant feeling of Microsoft-ness. The corporate culture ooooozes out in many ways. You will likely have microsofties in meetings for any group you are part of.

There are a ton of Tech companies, Google, Facebook, Amazon, not to mention smaller home grown ones. If you look at the Geekwire list, you can see all the various startups in tech.

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I am sure that If I were 25 and single that the impact of tens of thousands of new tech programmer types wandering around for a date would make a ificant difference. What does a male engineer do when they can't find a date?

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Write an app of course!!! We have 15 dating apps that I have tripped over at Startup weekends and other mentoring efforts.

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However, Seattle is also a silo-ed community. The huge shipping and transport industry barely intersects with the Tech community. The large manufacturing companies are in different parts of town than the tech companies.

Dating someone in tech: nerds, introverts & engineers

There is a ificant student population as well. So you can find coffee shops where there is very little hint of Tech. On the other hand, there are corners where you would not expect it to pop up, and yet it is there. I think that the Bay area is far more impacted.

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Not a location at all that does not have tech impacts. While there are definite similarities, especially with many Bay Area shops opening outposts up here, there's an overall cultural difference between the Pacific Northwest and California.

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The PNW is less concerned with appearance and money, and more concerned with living a meaningful life. This of course is my PNW prejudice showing.

Your last first date could be one match away.

The Bay Area vibe is so over-the-top with the tech money that it feels overwhelming at times. Seattle certainly has tech money flowing, but it doesn't feel like it's the only thing happening. Like John mentioned above, Seattle is broken up into distinct neighborhoods, each with its own vibe.

Some are more techie than others. South Lake Union for example has recently been transformed from sleepy industrial area to Amazon town with herds of nerds wearing badges talking about tech.

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But it's easy enough to avoid if you prefer. In SF it felt unavoidable. A question and answer community for people thinking about moving to a new city and locals who are proud to help their new neighbours out. Learn more.

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Ask a Local. Ask a Local in A question and answer community for people thinking about moving to a new city and locals who are proud to help their new neighbours out. Learn more Us.

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