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Welcome to DHC Translations. Our company offers certified translation services located in Salinas in the USA.

Dating Salinas Translation

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I lived in the English-speaking capital for two and a half years.

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SinceI have been working in the translation industry; my profound knowledge of Latin American language and culture made it possible for me to fill the position of proofreader and Quality Assurance Manager for a renowned translation company in Argentina. In January ofI decided to use my knowledge of the industry—meeting client needs, carrying out quality assurance procedures and project management—to found Stillman Translations. I am a passionate, success-oriented individual with strong professional aspirations, great interpersonal skills and a willingness to discover the most appropriate solution for your business needs.

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My role is to help my teammates so they can comply with client needs. I also assist linguists when they have linguistic questions or technical issues. I like historical novels.

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I like cooking and experimenting. I have a good memory for trashy information according Nano. I like going above and beyond. My expertise has led me to de and create the best processes for each Department to work as a team and satisfy client needs. Since I began working at Stillman Translations, I have personally selected and trained over linguists. I love training linguists who are eager to learn, seeking professional development and personal growth.

After the initial training period, I continue assisting linguists with feedback so they can give their best. I love languages, working with words and the different mechanisms we use to communicate. The translation industry has given me the opportunity to explore these interactions from multiple perspectives. My name is Mariano, but everybody calls me Nano. About ten years ago, I was introduced to the translation world as a young Project Manager.

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Since then, I have had great work experiences in the industry, acquiring new skills, developing new ideas and, above all, meeting extraordinary people, some of whom remain lifelong friends. I am now the Vendor Manager, which is a new challenge that has turned out to be both rewarding and enjoyable. I expect to continue learning from each other and working together as a team which, I believe, is the most valued capital our company has created. My name is Cecilia and I am a proud owner of a wide variety of nicknames. My favorite ones are related to my last name, which is rather long and, if it catches you on a rush, can be a little tongue twister.

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During my first years after graduation, I worked as an English second-grade teacher in a bilingual primary school from Villa Carlos Paz, my home town. I loved tutoring second grade! I taught for 3 years before starting my path in the translation industry. I have also ed forces with a local IT company as the linguistic liaison in the developing and training of machine translation corpus.

That experience showed me how much I would like to learn how to program.

To achieve that, I have been taking programming courses for the last couple of years. My language of choice is Python, and I have reached a very basic level so far. I provide feedback to our linguists, overlook projects and processes, and collaborate in guaranteeing top-notch final quality in all of our projects.

I love grunge music and my favorite band ever is the Foo Fighters, although some might say they are not a grunge music band. I say Dave Grohl is a music genre on his own! I love languages, especially the way they evolve from generation to generation.

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To me, this dating Salinas translation a very rich part of our immaterial heritage. I also adore ice cream especially Italian onesthe open air and spending time with my two little girls, who are full of questions and doubts at every moment! Besides my Argentinean culture, I love Italian culture too. I studied Italian for many years when I was younger and have visited Italy twice: the first time to study the language and the second time to study management.

I dove headfirst into this incredible world and decided to make a home here. After two years of maternity leave, I came back to this industry. This time, Stillman found me or I found Stillman? Today, my role is Vendor Manager Assistant. This is a very interesting position in a Department full of growth opportunities. Apart from my passion for sales, I have other interests that keep me active: my family, my friends, sports, trips and makeup.

And my dog, Khali. My name is Ana and I am a psychologist.

I think I chose my career so I could understand people and help them. I am a huge fan of field hockey; I even play it myself. I play in the greatest club of all times — Jockey Club Cordoba. That club is my second home. I am very sociable, and a bit loud sometimes according to my friends and family.

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I am a proactive person with excellent communication skills, always in search of new challenges. I make the most of every experience because I believe that there is always room for personal and professional self-improvement. I have over 10 years of experience developing and executing marketing and communications plans from end to end. I graduated from Cairo University with a degree in Geoscience. I was ranked among the top 10 in my class, but I really found my passion in Project Management. I am PMP certified with almost 5 years of experience in the localization industry.

I appreciate spending time with family and close friends. I like soccer, and I am such a big fan of the Barcelona team!

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I love watching Barcelona matches with friends and one of my dreams is to attend a live match in Camp Nou before Messi retires. I enjoy watching Netflix and I am addicted to the series Friends. I never get bored of re-watching it! I am a goal-oriented person and am passionate about what I do. I am hard worker and like to be engaged in new challenges. Currently, I work as a localization project manager in Stillman, where I enjoy the cultural diversity!

I like getting to know new people with different backgrounds.

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I can spend hours acting like a movie critic discussing every scene, soundtrack, and line with my other friends. I love reading books too, especially classical novels, dystopian and psychological thrillers. I think coffee is one of the greatest human inventions. I like trying out famous recipes and tastes from different countries. I love traveling with my family and my friends.

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I enjoy collecting souvenirs from every place I visit with them. I still remember the first day I got introduced to the localization world and how I was mesmerized by the beauty of its complicity. I was fascinated by the cultural diversity in each project, and how PMs and linguists interact to make it work.

Everyone is very supportive and dedicated.

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I feel inspired by my team mates every day. My name is Hagar, but everyone here calls me Hagui. Since the age of 20, I have been working on improving my skills and getting knowledge in the HR field in general. My first job was as an HR and Vendor coordinator in a localization company in Egypt. I was lucky to be introduced to this amazing industry, where I found my passion and discovered my capabilities.

I can say that this industry, especially the Vendor Management department, is made for me. I love getting to know the culture of the other countries by watching TV series or movies, learning languages, cooking dishes from different cuisines such as pasta, pizza, and sweet and sour chicken and many other Chinese, Japanese, and Korean dishes. I consider myself an optimistic person, a good listener, and a supportive friend and family member. I love nature — anything green — and I admire ballet. I have been working in the localization industry for three years now.

Through these years, I have worked on many projects in more than languages for different services and specializations. I have faced many challenges, but I am always pleased when I face them head on and come out with success. Working with Stillman gave me the chance to work in a team with a cooperative spirit and learn from each other, and I am so glad to be a part of this brilliant team. My name is Carola. I love animals, and Dating Salinas translation am also an animal rights activist and proud owner of three dogs. I was the first Peruvian at the company.