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Relative dating places a rock somewhere in a time sequence — one rock is older than some rocks, younger than others — but this does not tell you the actual of years ago that the rock was formed. However, scientists often need to know actual dates of geological events so they can study landscape and environmental change.

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Geologists know, for example, that the Jurassic period lasted from about to However, these dates sometimes change, as geologists continually work to refine them. Many geologists find it more convenient to refer to period names rather than actual dates.

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The dating method a geologist chooses depends on several things. Sometimes only relative dating is possible, as the rocks being studied do not contain material suitable for absolute dating.

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Most absolute dating methods measure radioactive elements in some way, so can only be used on rocks that contain these elements. Our collection of resources on dating the past includes New Zealand research that uses a variety of dating approaches, covering different time spans:. Our resources provide numerous opportunities for exploring the nature of science.

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For example, detailed studies of fossils and developments in dating techniques mean that dates on the New Zealand geological timescale are continually being refined. In another example, investigations of rocks near Whanganui have helped to change global models of past cycles of climate change.

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Students also encounter units of geological time that do not have standard lengths, in contrast to more familiar scientific units. Students also have the opportunity to communicate their ideas about science in classroom activities and to use the Science Learning Hub as a research tool.

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Absolute dating does not give an exact, single year for a geological event. Any date has an error associated with it.

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For example, the end of the Cretaceous period may be written Use this Connected article to investigate why it took 10 years to correctly identify the remains of an ancient giant parrot — Squawkzilla. The Dating the past — question bank provides an initial list of questions about measuring the age of rocks and fossils and places where their answers can be found.

The questions support an inquiry approach.

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For explanations of key concepts, see Dating the past — key terms. Explore the timeline to find out about developments in how geologists discover the ages of rocks and fossils. Twitter Pinterest Facebook Instagram.

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