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A date has been set for the execution of a Kansas woman who was convicted of killing a pregnant woman and cutting the baby from her abdomen in what would be the first federal execution of a woman in nearly 70 years, officials said on Friday. The inmate, Lisa Montgomery of Melvern, Kan.

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Lisa Montgomery - the only female inmate on federal death row in the US - has been executed for murder in the state of Indiana.

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Her lawyers had argued she was a mentally ill victim of abuse who deserved mercy. Her victim's community said otherwise. This story was first published on 11 January - before Lisa Montgomery's execution on 13 January. For Diane Mattingly, there is one moment from her childhood for which she feels both enormous gratitude and guilt.

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She credits this moment for her "fairly normal" life - a house on eight peaceful acres, a loving relationship with her children, nearly two decades at a job working for the state of Kentucky. At the same time, she blames it for the fate of her younger half-sister, Lisa Montgomery.

Montgomery was sentenced for the murder of a year-old woman who was eight months pregnant. In DecemberMontgomery, who was 36 at the time, strangled Bobbie Jo Stinnett before cutting the baby out of her womb and kidnapping it. Stinnett bled to death. Mattingly and Montgomery lived together until Mattingly was eight and her half-sister was four.

It was a terrifying household, she says, where physical, psychological and sexual abuse at the hands of Judy Shaughnessy, Montgomery's mother, and her boyfriends was routine. The girls' biological father left the home, dating Montgomery female after a while, Mattingly was whisked away to foster care. Montgomery was left behind with her mother. It would be 34 years before the half-sisters would see each other again. And that would be from across a courtroom, where lawyers for the US government were trying to persuade a jury to sentence Montgomery to death.

And then at the end, she was broken. In late December, Montgomery's legal team submitted a petition to President Donald Trump that makes the case that after a lifetime of abuse - which they characterise as torture - she is too mentally ill to be executed and deserves mercy.

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However, in the tiny town of Skidmore, Missouri, where the crime was committed, there is little sympathy for that argument. Many there believe the final moments of Bobbie Jo Stinnett were so horrific, the death sentence is warranted. Lisa Montgomery and Bobbie Jo Stinnett got to know each other online through a shared love of dogs. They had corresponded for weeks on an online forum for rat terrier breeders and enthusiasts called "Ratter Chatter". Montgomery told Stinnett that she was also expecting, and the pair shared pregnancy stories.

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In DecemberMontgomery drove But it wasn't Montgomery that Stinnett was expecting, it was a woman who went by the name of Darlene Fischer. But Fischer was a name that Montgomery had been using when she separately began messaging Stinnett from a different address inquiring about buying one of her puppies. When Stinnett answered the door, Montgomery overpowered the pregnant woman, strangled her with a piece of rope, dating Montgomery female cut the baby out of her womb.

Investigators quickly realised that "Darlene Fischer" did not exist, and tracked Montgomery down the next day using her s and computer IP address. They found her cradling a new-born girl she claimed to have given birth to the day.

Her story quickly fell apart and she confessed to the killing. SinceMontgomery has been held in a federal prison in Texas for female inmates with special medical and psychological needs, where she has been receiving psychiatric care. Since receiving her execution date, she's been placed on suicide watch in an isolated cell. Montgomery is scheduled to be put to death by a lethal injection of pentobarbital at Terre Haute prison in Indiana. It is the only federal prison with an active death chamber. Montgomery's lawyers argue that because of a combination of years of horrific abuse, and a raft of psychological issues, she should never have been given the death penalty.

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They believe that at the time of the crime, Montgomery was psychotic and out of touch with reality. They have been ed by a chorus of supportive voices from the legal field, including 41 former and current prosecutors, as well as human rights entities like the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. However, calls for Trump to be merciful are hardly unanimous.

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And nowhere is that support more palpably felt in this case than in Skidmore. Bobbie's family deserves her," says Meagan Morrow, a high school classmate of Stinnett's. Information and support. If you or someone you know needs support for issues about emotional distress, these organisations may be able to help. Lisa Montgomery's current legal team has conducted some interviews with family members, friends, case workers, doctors and social workers. Stitched together, they form a tapestry of family dysfunction, abuse, neglect, professional negligence, substance abuse and untreated mental illness.

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For Montgomery, her lawyers argue, it began before she was born. According to an interview with her father, Montgomery's mother Judy Shaughnessy drank heavily throughout her pregnancy, and their daughter was born with foetal alcohol syndrome.

Multiple medical experts have given statements agreeing with that diagnosis. When Mattingly and Montgomery were young, Shaughnessy beat them and doled out cruel forms of punishment, like taping Montgomery's mouth shut, or pushing Mattingly out into the snow, naked.

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After their biological father left the home, Mattingly says they were left alone with Shaughnessy's boyfriends, at least one of whom started raping Mattingly. She enjoyed torturing the people around her," says Mattingly.

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After Mattingly was removed from the home by social services, Montgomery fell prey to her mother's new husband, who according to statements from his other children, was a violent alcoholic who began sexually abusing Montgomery when she was a pre-teen.

The family moved from place to place dozens of times, but it was in a trailer in Sperry, Oklahoma, where her lawyers say the abuse turned into something more akin to torture. According to interviews with her half-siblings and others who spent time with the family, Montgomery's stepfather built a shed onto the trailer where he, and eventually his friends, raped and beat her.

Her mother also began trafficking her, allowing handymen like electricians and plumbers to sexually abuse Montgomery in exchange for work on the house. Watch on BBC iPlayer. Execution: Lisa Montgomery's story. As a teenager, Montgomery confided in a cousin, telling him the men would tie her up, beat her and even urinate on her afterwards. But the cousin, a sheriff's deputy, confessed to Montgomery's current legal team that he did nothing. In fact, he drove her back home and dropped her off in the hands of her abusers. Lawyer Kelley Henry says one of the things that disturbs her most is that dating Montgomery female in positions of authority were told about what was going on but did nothing.

When Shaughnessy eventually split from her second husband, she and Montgomery testified in divorce proceedings about the sexual dating Montgomery female. The judge in the case scolded Shaughnessy for not reporting the abuse - but did not report the abuse himself. Montgomery's cousin told her legal team that he lived with "regret for not speaking up about what happened to Lisa". When she was 18, Montgomery married her stepbrother. The couple had four children in five years, but the relationship was not the escape from violence that Montgomery might have hoped it would be.

At one point, one of Montgomery's brothers found a home movie that showed Montgomery's husband raping and beating her. I didn't know what to do or how to talk to my sister about it. Friends and family began noticing Montgomery's tendency to slip into "a world of her own". Her children were disturbed by it. Henry says this was an early of her mental illnesses, which include bipolar disorder, complex post-traumatic stress disorder, dissociative disorder and traumatic brain injury.

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Montgomery eventually divorced her first husband and married Kevin Montgomery. Around this time, she repeatedly claimed to be pregnant again, although she had undergone sterilisation after her fourth baby was born. One theory her lawyers put forward regarding the chain of events that led to the murder, is that Montgomery feared her ex-husband would expose her lies about being pregnant and use it against her as he sought custody of their children. She describes Montgomery's ex-husband as cruel and harassing. Her lawyers say that as she lost touch with reality, she fantasised about being pregnant.

Henry says Montgomery's original legal defence after she was arrested and charged with murder was woefully inadequate, and presented few of the details about her abuse, trauma and mental illness. Her lawyers at the time also presented an alternative theory of the crime, which was dating Montgomery female Montgomery's brother had actually committed the murder, even though he had an alibi.

That was ultimately dropped in favour of an insanity defence, but Henry believes the damage to Montgomery's credibility was already done.

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After five hours of deliberation, the jury found Montgomery guilty. They recommended a sentence of death. Diane Mattingly has been speaking publicly for the first time in the hope it can make a difference. And to not fail her. The tiny farming town of Skidmore sits in the far northwest corner of Missouri.

A generation ago, it was the kind of place where you could "get your hair cut, see a show, buy rabbit feed and eat dinner" - but those days are long gone. Today there is a single restaurant and few of the streets are paved. The population hovers around justand everyone knew Bobbie Jo Stinnett and her family.

Lisa montgomery: looking for answers in the life of a killer

Friends recall her as a good student with a love of horses and dogs. She liked going down to the Nodaway River to swim, and playing Nintendo games at slumber parties. She was quiet and kind, they say. At the time of her murder, she was newly married and pregnant with her first child. Although the alumni have scattered somewhat, in recent years, the Nodaway-Holt R-VII High School graduating class of - which had only 22 members - has a tradition to mark the anniversary of the death of their classmate Bobbie Jo Stinnett.

They hold a collection and try to do something nice for Stinnett's mother. The murder 16 years ago is never far from the minds of the town's residents.

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For one thing, the wider world won't let them forget.