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Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island and a part of Latin American territory. There are few differences between the Caribbean islands: the colonial style of buildings, mixed population, palm trees, and coconuts. Puerto Rico has been officially under US jurisdiction sinceso the currency and passports are the same, and the local people speak both Spanish and English well.

Dating Culture In San Juan

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San Juan is the capital and most populous city in Puerto Rico. The capital of Puerto Rico is the oldest city under U. Augustine, Florida, founded in is the oldest city in the continental United States. The history of San Juan begins a long time before its official foundation, induring his second voyage, Christopher Columbus landed in Puerto Rico.

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Today more Puerto Ricans live on the U. Between April and Julythe population dropped 19, to 3.

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The economy is also blamed for the slide in the birth rate down from 60, in to 42, in InPuerto Ricans were proclaimed the happiest people on earth, according to a highly reported study by the Stockholm-based organization World Values Survey. Despite high poverty and unemployment rates, it seems nothing can put a damper on the lively, fun-loving Puerto Rican spirit.

Most Puerto Ricans like to celebrate big and often.

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In fact, there are reportedly more than festivals a year on the island, and everything is a family affair involving multiple generations of relatives. Music is usually at the heart of most gatherings, and Puerto Ricans are passionate about their opinions and love few things more than to debate politics or sports for hours.

San juan — the oldest city in the us and its territories — sits proudly on the island’s atlantic coast and is packed with places to see, eat and salsa into the early hours.

The culture of Puerto Rican life has been ificantly shaped by its history. It was originally inhabited by a society of peaceful, agriculturally based indigenous people who migrated to the island from South America. But beginning inthe island became a Spanish colony, and for the next four centuries European influence reigned.

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Towns were developed according to Spanish custom around central plazas and churches. The church spread Catholicism, and Spanish became the official language.

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Perhaps because of this historic mixing of races, racial tensions are relatively minimal in Puerto Rico. There are some levels of society that proudly claim to be of pure European blood, and darker-skinned populations are sometimes discriminated against. But in general, Puerto Rico is a true melting pot of races in which skin comes in all shades of white and brown, and the general population is fairly accepting of everyone else. When the United States took control of Puerto Rico inthe island underwent another enormous cultural transformation.

National identity

Suddenly U. English became a common second language, and has at times been proclaimed the official language. The U. American corporations set up shop, bringing with them an influx of American expatriates whose ways of dress, cuisine, and art were integrated into the existing culture. Much of this influence came in the form of the military, due to the many military bases that were established on the island.

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Some people credit that influence on the relative stability and orderliness of public life, particularly as compared to other Caribbean islands. Inro of contemporary American culture have been made into much of island life, but Puerto Ricans are fiercely proud of their Spanish heritage.

Points of interest

Since becoming a U. Puerto Ricans are U. The other half wants to become a U. When it comes to gender roles, Puerto Ricans are fairly traditional. However, as in the rest of the industrial world, women have made inro into the formerly male world of business and sports, particularly in urban areas.

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Vestiges of machismo still exist. But in general, Puerto Rican men can be quite chivalrous in ways American women may be unaccustomed to. Having a bus seat relinquished for their comfort and the holding of doors are courtesies commonly encountered.

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Although weekly church attendance is far below that figure, the Catholic Church has great influence on Puerto Rican life. Each town has a Catholic church at its center and celebrates its patron saint with an annual festival. Although many patron-saint festivals have become much more secular over time, they typically include a religious procession and special Mass to mark the day.

It also observes multiple gods and combines elements of Catholicism.

What to do in san juan, puerto rico's colourful capital

Once the United States arrived in Puerto Rico inProtestantism began to grow on the island, and all major sects are represented. Pentecostal fundamentalism has developed in recent decades, and there is a small Jewish community on the island as well. Get recommended re, deals, and more from Hachette Get recommended re, deals, and more from Hachette Up. La Rogativa by Lindsay Daen depicts the religious procession that allegedly scared off an invading British fleet that mistook the group for military reinforcements.

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Gender Roles When it comes to gender roles, Puerto Ricans are fairly traditional. Related Travel Guide Share this:.

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