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Dating Agencies Virginia Beach

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My staff and I work hard to provide exceptional service to Coastal Virginians. Our top priority is being an effective resource for you and all of Hampton Ro. Below are testimonials from people who have received assistance from my office.

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Luria's office contacted the passport bureau and arranged for them to call me directly and make an appointment for same day service. Her casework team was extremely helpful, especially when getting an appointment during this pandemic is very difficult. They have been a great help as some of the patients have been without benefits for months. They also helped me get official permission to leave Peru on a flight so that I could return home to my family. After three to four weeks, our daughter was able to get on a flight and returned home.

This indebtedness issue had been going on for several months.

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After contacting your office and visiting with you, the situation was resolved in less than a month and my debt has been cleared and the funds have been returned. They knew who to contact to get a good resolution on my behalf. I cannot find any reason for improvement because the customer service was outstanding and the office staff was willing to listen to my concern. They were concerned for my privacy and put me at ease. I knew that the problem would be taken care of in a professional and expeditious manner. I really appreciate the staff in your office.

She called me immediately regarding my e-mail. She listened to me; she was empathetic.

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She took all the steps needed to have my information released and facilitated in the procurement of my overseas birth record in record time. She followed up with me every step of the way and the result is I will start work at a new job with hours that are more conducive to raising my son and will be eligible for benefits in short order. Thank you for helping me on my journey towards a sustainable career for myself and my son. I contacted your office via another friend and after just a few days I got a call from her Virginia Beach caseworker, Thomas, who brought my concern to the attention of Appeals Management Office.

Within a week or two I received a call from an agency that works with the VA "VES" Veterans Evaluation Services and they set up an evaluation for my appeal claim which I just completed on November 12, and it went very well. This somehow got fast tracked in the system thanks to her office.


I have been waiting for 5 years and whatever her office did, got this moving. This Vietnam war veteran is very happy now. There are many veterans out there that get trapped in the system like I did and they could use this type of help especially when it takes years to process claims and there is no communication from the VA on any kind of updates or status on the progress. I am extremely grateful for this help!

Luria's office helped me get traction on my case file with the VA. While in the process of medically retiring from the Army, my case file appeared to be held up at the VA, seemingly due to the backlog the VA is currently experiencing. This was particularly stressful for me because I had ly been accepted to a graduate program at Northwestern--and classes were due to begin in a couple month's time.

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After writing to Congresswoman Luria's office about this problem, I was contacted by one of her assistants by the name of Caleb Smith. Caleb went to great lengths to help me unravel the convoluted layers of bureaucracy in order to, first, discover where my case file was located and, second, figure out how to get it moving along.

I was primarily helped by one of Rep. Luria's assistants by the name of Caleb Smith. I was impressed with Caleb's help because he not only addressed my concerns in person but he did so attentively and he remained exceptionally responsive and professional during the month or two that he worked on my case. Of particular importance to me, Caleb involved me in the resolution process, working with me in tandem so that we could address the problem from our respective vantage points. Whether or not my efforts had much impact on dating agencies Virginia Beach outcome, this person-centered approach made me feel included and less anxious throughout.

Her casework manager, Juanita, was even present during phone calls so that the right people and the right questions were asked and answered. What took me three years of phone calls and appointments, Congresswoman Luria's office managed to start and conclude in three months. I was losing hope, Juanita said she would help and she did just that. After two years I was notified that someone I had never talked to determined that my Social Security was going to be cut off. Within one week of that contact I was notified by Social Security that they had determined that I should have never been shut off and that they wanted to apologize.

I contacted her office for help with my security clearance and they exceeded my expectations. Her team made inquiries to those agencies on my behalf and completed the case.

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I was receiving an interim pension, and now I am receiving percent of my entitlement. Congresswoman sent a birthday wish. Not much later, Papa passed. It has become part of his legacy. I thank you. Your office has been responsive and empathetic to my personal contact to address the goings on of our nation.

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Your office made us feel heard, took our case seriously, and did your best to get on our behalf. The updates on the corona virus situation Has been especially helpful.

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Your newsletter has provided a clear and concise summary of guidance for each phase in Virginia. I have also forwarded all the information you have sent about resources for small business to three woman-owned businesses in Hampton. I read every newsletter because I know it will help me clearly understand local issues.

I also appreciate summaries of critical votes and work on bills in the House. Never in my sixty years of learning about the workIngs of government have I found one source that is so varied in coverage of issues and so timely in reporting on them. They quickly sent a letter to OPM and called their contacts there and in one week the problem was resolved and a lump sum back-payment was on its way to my. Her office demonstrated a tenacity and dedication to constituents not found in most government offices. This is the way government should work.

They worked expeditiously and became the liaison between me and the different Government agencies like USCIS, DHS, and even the American Embassy in order to help ensure my fiance was able to be with me at a critical time. I was diagnosed with a high risk pregnancy and was all alone here in the U.

I needed my fiance by my side and the office of dating agencies Virginia Beach Congresswoman delivered their promise of doing everything within their reach to help me bring my fiance home soon. It is a great assurance knowing that the Congresswoman and her office cares about the daily worries and concerns of the average citizen. I will be forever in their debt for the help they provided.

Luria's casework team helped me with my VA claim associated with second generation Agent Orange exposure. I could not have gotten the I was looking for without the help of her office.

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Wickersham read it at his Eagle Court of Honor. Congresswoman Luria is a wonderful example for young people to look up to. I began using my VA Medical benefits in and have been denied service due to the VA's inability to pay the doctors. Additionally, the Hampton VA facility began adding additional steps and documentation required for travel reimbursement.

This made it far too difficult to be reimbursed for hundreds of dollars in travel expenses accrued while attending medical appointments from Berlin, MD to Hampton, VA and all points in between. Recently, with the help of the Congresswoman's office, the medical professionals that have treated me have been paid for services dating as far back as This week, the new Travel Supervisor at the Hampton VA Facility began processing my backlog of travel expenses and worked with me to reduce the hurdles in reimbursement.

Thank you, Congresswoman. I was given lots of info regarding how to apply for un-employment that I passed along to my Granddaughter who was out of work because of the virus. Elaine has also kept me informed on other subjects of interest to me during this time.

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I love opening e-mail from her almost daily regarding so many important issues. Thanks to her and to all of you for the information supplied. I got an excellent response and result from her office and finally got my survivor benefit plan. I contacted Congresswoman Luria's office for assistance and two and a half weeks later my brothers and I each received a check for the benefits that we were due.

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Congresswoman Luria's team was excellent and responsive! I truly believe that if it weren't for your help, I would still be waiting on reimbursement, some 19 months after my husband's death. The services your office provided were outstanding, prompt, and courteous. Her casework team called me back immediately and they were able to get my claim approved in less than three weeks. My friend was having trouble reaching the Embassy staff and obtaining a travel pass because Honduras locked its borders.

As a result of their assistance, my friend was able to return on a flight home. I thank Congresswoman Luria and her team for working hard for our community.

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Luria's office for their information and assistance to help keep my small catering business open during this financial COVID crisis. They responded to my request within 24 hours, personally called with various resources and loan options. Her team took ownership and was instrumental in expediting the entire process for us. I was approved within five days and funded within another five because of their continuous support. On behalf of my employees, we all thank you! I appreciate having a local caseworker, Caroline, assist me in getting the information to the right people to get .