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Dating a white man Davenport IA a black woman, I am found woman who dating a white man Davenport IA a black woman skirts

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Dating A White Man Davenport IA A Black Woman

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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with Search Forums Advanced. I agree, interracial couples aren't that uncommon but White man and Black Woman seems very uncommon to me. In Omaha blacks are reluctant to marry white people or date for that matter because they are viewed upon as "Sellouts" in the black community. Originally Posted by El Rhino.

There's a gender imbalance in many african-american neighborhoods. mass incarceration is largely to blame.

El Rhino. I lived in Iowa for 22 years before moving to Chicago. I think people in Iowa would stare more because it's something unusual and new as far as what they're use to seeing. I would be hesitant though to think all these Iowans are disapproving of you.

I think it's more staring because it's different and new, not because they think it's wrong or are giving you dirty looks. Compared to the other 48 states I've visited, I don't see Iowans as very racist. Mostly just naive, but fairly open. Originally Posted by Chicago I'm a white guy and in a relationship with an African-American Now that's something to stare at!

There really are some not with the times places out there! I've never been to Lisbon, Iowa before but I'm sure that town is a little low on African-Americans so seeing one, especially with a white guy, is going to be something noteworthy enough to look twice. Just looked it up!

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Honestly though, Linn County and Johnson County Lisbon is pretty close to the border have 8, black people, 7, asians and 5, hispanics. So it's not like you ONLY see white people. It is after all, not Those stats were fromand I can say from going back home to Johnson County that the past 7 years have seen a lot more minorities moving into this area. Firstly, I would like to point out that the term 'backward' is often used to mean non-progressive.

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Or for that matter, any of the many countries in this world that are less progressive than the USA. I have been to Iowa, as my second husband haled from Westside, and is buried there, in their little cemetery next to his Grandparents. At present, I have been living in England for over a decade, and for the most part, it is as though time has stood still here for the past hundred years. Secondly, [and I speak from first-hand experience] no matter where you live in this world, there are always going to be people that are offended by interracial marriages.

My father, was such as person, and although we did not see eye to eye, I loved him until the day he died. I am an White American.

I have been married 4 times. I have been married to 4 men from different cultures, and 3 of those marriages were what is most commonly referred to as interracial marriages. My second was Korean, and my third was Salvadoran. My present, and fourth husband, is a White Brit, and comes from a vastly different culture than my own. The truth is, I have never had the common prejudices that some people seem to have, including, but not limited to, some members of my own family. I do not see color or race.

I see people. I do neither fall in love with the color of a man's skin, his culture, nor his religion.

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I fall in love with a man. That may seem odd to some, but it really is that simple Instead, think to yourself, that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and simply smile back at them. You may sometime be surprised at some of the responses you may get to that smile. I was. As one person ly pointed out in this forum, some people are just curious about you. Either way, you must realize that people indeed 'are' entitled to their own opinion. Even if you don't agree with it. However, once you adapt this attitude, then you will be surprised at the change, not only in other's around you, but also within yourself.

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Please do not misunderstand me. However, of all my interracial marriages, I have found that my marriage to a Black man was less tolerated in our modern society. Having said that, even my marriage to my Salvadoran husband, got some fairly evil stares at times. Not because he was Hispanic though.

It was simply because he had very curly hair, and skin that would get quite dark in the Summer months. To some eyes, he could appear to be Black. But this was not worth noting. What did amazed me the most, was the change in their expressions when my husband spoke to the check-out woman, with his very thick Salvadoran accent.

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The facial expressions changed on everyone around us After all it was quite humorous watching the shift of expressions on these people's faces, as they realized their error. Allow me also to tell you, that I have four of the most beautiful children on the face of this earth, as well as 16 beautiful Grandchildren.

My two eldest daughter, whom would make even Angelina Jolie cringe and hide, are by my first marriage. Next in line to the throne [lol], is my son [from my second marriage], for whom to this day, woman still swoon at his feet. Then of course, there is my lovely baby girl [now 27 and from my third marriage], whom cannot walk in public without having people contort themselves to ogle at her, because she is so beautiful.

Of course, she hates it, just as I once did many years ago. They areall the gift of my life, my legacy, and my treasures. Life is much too short to worry about what other people think of your personal choices. Just smile and get on with living your life. If you spend too much time worrying about people's stares, you will have less time to enjoy your life.

Believe me, after a while, you will be too busy to concern yourself with the stares of strangers. After all, they may not be thinking, "How dare they! With all the hate and war in our world, be happy that you found the one true gift in life Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum.

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View detailed profiles of: Des Moines, Iowa. Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Davenport, Iowa. User Name. Remember Me. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with. Search Forums Advanced. 2 of 3. Location: Omaha, Ne posts, readtimes Reputation: Advertisements I agree, interracial couples aren't that uncommon but White man and Black Woman seems very uncommon to me. Quote: Originally Posted by Chicago I would be hesitant though to think all these Iowans are disapproving of you.

Quote: Originally Posted by Chicago Just looked it up! City-Data Forum Message.