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As you visit any event, we suggest that you follow all posted instructions and inquire about any concerns that you have. COVID is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, senior citizens and guests with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable.

Date In Fort Wayne IN Right Now

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Today, the Allen County Health Department reported a total of 45, positive cases of the novel coronavirus to date. Today, the Allen County Health Department reported a total of 44, positive cases of the novel coronavirus to date.

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Current local time in fort wayne, indiana, usa

I only venture to downtown Fort Wayne once or twice a week, and yet that is still countless times more than the vast majority of my fellow high schoolers. Of course, one reason could be that my high school is located 30 minutes away from the downtown area.

However, it is hard to ignore the prevalent stigma that the city offers little for those of us who are still minors. Even so, this common misconception is far from true. Fort Wayne has a lot to offer high schoolers, if they only know where to look. Noah Johnson is a high school blogger for Input Fort Wayne. I write this article as someone who once had this mindset—the feeling that my city had nothing for me to do beyond my home and my school. In doing so, I began to discover all of the places that I had once missed: Places like family-owned businesses and museums with revolving exhibits that never seemed to display the same artifact or painting twice.

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Who could ever forget the sight of the large glowing wreath on the Indiana Michigan Power Building during the winter? Or the sight of countless murals lining the city streets that evoke feelings of being in a much larger metropolitan area such as New York or Chicago?

While there are many places for high schoolers to explore in downtown Fort Wayne, I have crafted a list of nine that stand out as places where students can form long-lasting memories in their own hometown.

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I still remember my first visit to the pizza shop. Yes, I did walk away thinking that the pizza was the best that I had ever had, but I also walked away thinking that the restaurant had a certain charisma to it that other pizza places had been lacking. The place had soul, had heart. I could tell that passion and thoughtfulness had been put into every slice. The restaurant at South Calhoun St. From young children to high schoolers—even former President Bill Clinton—everyone relishes a visit to this city staple.

While the first floor is nice with some front window seating, there is even more to see on the second story than you might expect. It not only features additional seating and an event space, but also an art gallery that has a new opening every six to eight weeks.

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So, for the countless students and families who sit at home and watch television while they eat, I must ask: What better than looking at fine art while you eat instead, while also supporting the downtown area? The Fort Wayne Museum of Art features many rotating exhibits throughout the year.

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Odds are, you have made a visit or two to the Fort Wayne Museum of Art over the years. But you most likely have not seen the artwork currently being displayed. One week, you may walk in and gaze upon elegant sculptures of glittering glass. The next week, the museum may be displaying thought-provoking abstract paintings or even an entire room of guitars from across the globe.

To be precise, exhibits are displayed for a period of six to 12 weeks, and after that period has elapsed, certain exhibits close for a period of five to 10 days to install new artwork. High schoolers like myself should visit the museum not only to get a greater appreciation of and a broader exposure to local and national art, but also to relax in the tranquil, mind-stimulating halls of the museum, which act as a perfect distractor from our hectic lives.

The Urban Hippie is a downtown boutique at W. Berry St. For the girls who find the run-of-the-mill visit to the mall unappealing, yet simultaneously desire to expand their wardrobes, luckily there is a clothing store downtown to satiate their need.

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The Urban Hippie, located at West Berry State, provides a dynamic and instantly-welcoming alternative to other clothing stores, as it has a modern feel characteristic of the downtown scene. The store not only has a large range of styles, but also a shopping experience that is sure to prove different from that of other, more traditional clothing stores.

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At latte art throwdowns, baristas pour latte des in front of a live audience. While there may be an abundance of coffee shops around Fort Wayne, Fortezza is definitely worth the drive into the city center.

Current time in fort wayne, indiana, united states

It has craft coffee with latte art, a welcoming atmosphere, displays of local art, and a diverse menu that not only features coffee and tea, but also smoothies, muffins, cake, and sandwiches. On top of that, Fortezza also won me over by its use of environmentally friendly paper straws.

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It will give you your caffeine fix, and most importantly, a sense of real community downtown. Puns aside, escape rooms have recently popped up as a form of entertainment that seems to be taking the nation, and Fort Wayne, by storm. You are then given one hour to escape, and in order to do so, you must solve certain puzzles, which typically involve searching the area for clues and finding the codes to crack combination locks.

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At first, I was skeptical of the concept. However, the experience not only was exceptionally enjoyable, but also one that reinforced practical skills, such as effective communication, critical thinking, and working under pressure. Solving these puzzles requires an immense degree of creativity and necessitates thinking outside of the box, so they could be useful for group team building activities, too.

Unfortunately, to prevent potential giveaways, I cannot show or describe the appearance of each room or the logic puzzles involved.

I was unable to escape from the room before the timer hit zero. If you desire to take on the challenge for yourself, I recommend that you go with at least two to three people, as each room can hold anywhere from six to eight, and it is as they say—two minds are better than one.

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Thus, your chances of success will increase with the of individuals in your party. By merely gazing at the building standing at East Berry St. This goal applies youth of all ages—from elementary schoolers to those entering college. Upon entering the museum, I was greeted with the sight of a canon in the entryway, pointing out the window towards the parking lot as if to shoot at the incoming cars, and I could not help but be transported back to the War of It sounds a little over-the-top, but walk into the History Center, and see for yourself.

Coronavirus in allen county: nearly new cases since friday

DeBrand Fine Chocolates offers a wide assortment of sweet treats. However, if not, please allow me to shed some light on this commonly misunderstood brand, because while DeBrand is a household name in Fort Wayne, there are several misconceptions surrounding it. Upon entering the storefront at the Ash Skyline Plaza downtown, I expected to find a limited selection meant for that infamous date in February. But I was proved deliciously wrong, for it became apparent to me that DeBrand is a place that can be visited as often as your local coffee shop.

This coincides with the second misconception: that DeBrand only sells chocolate products. Of course, there are other reasons to visit. DeBrand is so well-received by not only Hoosiers, but also individuals across the nation, including celebrities like Ann Curry, Demi Lovato, Marilu Henner, Marie Osmond, George Lopez, and countless others listed on its website. This is made possible in part by the contributions and planning efforts of the Downtown Improvement District, which organizes a wide array of diverse events annually.

If you want to make a unique holiday memory, The Zombie Walk that occurs during Fright Night always proves to be an experience worth dying for get it?

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The trolley cars, which look as if they have emerged from a wintery New York City Street, take travelers throughout the downtown area to the local establishments, which often offer discounts and deals exclusive to trolley riders. Noah Johnson speaks on a Holly Trolley Tour among downtown shops.

25 best things to do in fort wayne, indiana

When I went last winter, the event exposed me to the large selection of businesses downtown, and gave me not only a newfound understanding of the city, but also a newfound appreciation of it not to mention the fact that I got the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to wear a Santa hat and necklace of holiday lights in public. While many of the deals are catered exclusively to adults, if you ask me, high schoolers have the chance to enjoy the event as much as anyone.

It is often said that life is about the journey, not the destination, and if you find yourself journeying throughout downtown Fort Wayne, you may also find yourself so focused on your eventual destination. From an ice-cream loving panda to the poet Walt Whitman to a flock of blue birds that look as if they have emerged from the s of a quirky childhood novel, the streets of Fort Wayne are alive with color.

I cannot help but be marveled at how the artist Bryan Ballinger carried his bird flock de seamlessly onto the pipes that climb the side of the Ambassador Enterprises building at Harrison St. The murals of downtown Fort Wayne are more than something to be seen along your journey to somewhere else; they can be a destination in and of themselves.

9 great things to do in downtown fort wayne if you are under 21

Contact Subscribe. Downtown Fort Wayne has a lot to offer high school students, if they only knew where to look.

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Fortezza Coffee At latte art throwdowns, baristas pour latte des in front of a live audience. Recommended Content.

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