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Birth-to-Five Head Start Application. Early Expected Woman's Application. Dental Form. Recruitment Flyer.

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Each employee is provided a copy of the Employee Handbook which is the controlling employment document. Where do I find out about jobs available? Check our website for current job opportunities. You can find them under the Human Resources area. You can also learn of current job openings by checking the bulletin board at our Administration offices or at any of our schools or other facilities. That indicates the dates that job applications for that particular position will be accepted. All positions are posted for a minimum of 10 days.

Depending on the positon and amount of vacancies, a positon can stay open until filed. If an Application arrives after the closing date, it will not be considered. How do I apply for a job with the Agency?

Either go to our website and download an Application for Employment or come by the Central Administration offices at S. Once completed, applications can be either mailed, faxed, or dropped off at the Central Administration offices. If you prefer, you can also e-mail the Application. Just remember, we must receive the Application by no later than p.

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How long does my Application stay active? You must complete a separate application for each job that you are interested in. Applications are only used for the particular job that you applied for and then filed away. How long does the hiring process take? Unfortunately, it can take anywhere from two to six weeks after the job closes. Occasionally, it may take longer.

We contact applicants either by telephone or letter to let them know one way or the other about the position. Unless you hear from us otherwise, consider yourself still under consideration. Can I apply for a job if my sister-in-law works for the Agency now? If you have a family member working with our agency you must disclose it during the application process. How often do employees get paid?

Is there a trial period or probation period when I start working for the Agency? All new employees have a 90 day Trial Period. We want every new employee to get off on the right foot.

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When do insurance benefits start? Health insurance benefits start on the month preceding the 60th day of enrollment if the employee has chosen to enroll in benefits. Do you have Direct Deposit of my paycheck? Yes, in fact we prefer to directly deposit your check into your bank. You will have access to an electronic check stub which shows you the wages, benefits, and sick and annual leave balances.

What is Annual Leave, and what is Sick Leave? Full time regular employees accrue eight hours of paid Annual Leave and eight hours of paid Sick Leave on the first day of each month that they work for us. There are some exceptions. Part time regular employees accrue four hours of paid Annual Leave and four hours of paid Sick Leave on the first day of each month that they work for us with the same exceptions.

Temporary employees do not accrue Annual Leave or Sick Leave. We only serve residents of Nueces County, but we are not part of the County government.

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How do I check on the status of an Application for Employment that I have left with you? It is difficult, if not impossible, to check the status.

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Once we receive Applications and the Human Resources Department initially reviews them, they are sent to the specific Department who is seeking a new employee. They set their own time and criteria for interviews. The Human Resources Department does not see the Applications again until the Department Coordinator makes a hiring recommendation to us. Prior to being offered employment with the Agency, an applicant must successfully pass receive a negative test result a pre-employment drug test. The drug test will be conducted at the Agency's expense.

School reopening plan

If the test result is positive, the applicant will not be eligible for employment with the Agency for the next 12 months. NCCAA is a drug free workplace. No alcohol or drugs shall be used on the job. Their health and safety is a serious concern to our Agency.

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Drug use and alcohol misuse may pose a serious threat to employee health and safety. It is, therefore, the policy of NCCAA to prevent substance use or abuse from having an adverse effect on our employees. The work environment is safer and more productive without the presence of illicit or inappropriate drugs or alcohol in the body or on NCCAA property.

Frequently asked questions

All employees have a right to work in a drug-free environment and to work with individuals free from the effects of prohibited substances. Employees who use or abuse prohibited substances are a danger to themselves, their co-workers, and the public. Violations of this policy will result in immediate termination from employment.

Is a TB test required? For any candidate that tests positive, a chest x-ray will be required from an approved medical provider at the cost of the job candidate. If a positive test result occurs from the chest x-ray, the candidate will be disqualified from employment with NCCAA. Must I pass a physical examination? The cost of the physical examination is the sole responsibility of the new employee. Thereafter, a physical examination is required each five years of employment. Will the Agency pay for me to go back to school? An employee may be allowed up to a maximum of four 4 work hours during the workweek for continuing education leave if the approved activity is not offered during non-working hours.

If I get a job with the Agency, will I have a contract guaranteeing the position? How many holidays do employees get?

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We are paid bi-weekly. Currently, employees enjoy twelve paid holidays each year.