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Cool fm dating Nyc NY, Swede girl seek friend cool fm dating Nyc NY for nsa

Brunch crowds are back. Rush-hour traffic is back. Tourists in horse-drawn carriages are back.

Cool Fm Dating Nyc NY

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Subscriber active since. But you won't find him on Tinder, Hinge, or any other common dating apps ; like many other single celebrities, Tatum is reportedly on dating app Raya, several media publications reported over the weekend.

New york city plans a central park mega-concert to celebrate reopening

Now, you might be wondering: What is Raya? Launched in FebruaryRaya is a private, elite, members-only app for "dating, networking, and making new friends," according to its website. But it's unofficially known as the celebrity dating app for the rich and famous.

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Vogue writer Karley Sciortino called Raya "the Soho House" and "the you can't sit with us" of dating apps. As with most exclusive services, getting on Raya is hard — and that's because it's supposed to be hard. Most articles say you need to have it all: success, money, good looks, thousands of Instagram followers, and the right connections.

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An algorithm and an anonymous global committee of people determines members based on their application, which requires referrals. To win over the committee, you need to stand out as a creative; be known for or be an expert in something; and share a common bond with the Raya community, according to Raya's website. You also need to be kinda, sorta special: The committee looks "for that hard to describe 'something extra,' — NASA scientists, cancer researchers, poets, painters," the website re.

Having a lens on the world that "would make the Raya conversation more interesting" is important, and this can often be assessed through one's Instagram, blogs, or websites.

How to get into raya

The website doesn't reveal s or much detail about the company outside of its values and application process, which is all conveyed in a lofty, mysterious tone. If accepted into Raya, things look a little different than your common dating apps.

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Instead of showing local users in your area, Raya shows you global users across the world. It also displays profiles as slideshows of images against a soundtrack of your choice. And don't even think about screenshotting a convo or profile to send to your bestie — Raya prohibits that behavior, according to Ginny Hogan, who wrote about her Raya experience for Elite Daily.

If you take one, Raya knows, and sends a warning message.

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Whether or not that's a good thing depends on who you are. A female member told Roose that Raya members were "better behaved and more classy" than on other common dating apps.

How to use raya

But a male member, a filmmaker, told Sciortino that Raya "attracts the wrong people" and is a "social-climbing app;" he said some of his flirtations turned out to be people just looking for work. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Get the Insider App. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation.

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Good Subscriber active since Shortcuts. icon An icon in the shape of a person's head and shoulders.

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Executive Lifestyle. Hillary Hoffower. Newly single Channing Tatum is reportedly on Rayaalong with other celebrities and creatives. Raya is known as the celebrity dating app for the rich and famous, but it also bills itself as a networking app.

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Getting into Raya involves having your application approved by an anonymous committee — it helps if you're successful, attractive, and know people. Visit Business Insider's home for more stories. Loading Something is loading.

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