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I didn't realize how strong the BYU Finance Program's network and brand are until I began the process of trying to find a position in investment banking. At almost every bank I spoke with on Wall Street, there's a BYU presence--people know BYU and they're excited about it because of the quality of students they've seen us produce. Being able to tap into that network has been immensely helpful, and I've really enjoyed being on the other side of it as I work to help find BYU students positions at our firm.

I thought that school would end when I graduated, but I've found that I'm still learning just as fast as if I were in the classroom. As an investment banking analyst, I get to work on technology mergers and acquisitions, and each transaction is a totally unique opportunity to apply the technical and strategic skills I gained in the Finance Program while learning new ones. If you love learning, there's no better place to be. The thing that makes BYU great is that we aren't complacent.

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We're humble and know we're not innately better than anyone else, but we can and will out-work and out-hustle anyone. Respect and build the BYU brand by pushing yourself to be better than you thought possible, and always pay it forward by helping others around you on that path. Despite not know exactly what career I wanted to purse as a sophomore, a business degree, especially focusing on skill applicable in every field, would get me to where I ultimately wanted to go.

Whether I chose to remain in business or lateral into another field of work, the skills I learned from the finance program will always be applicable. I cover the public sector clients municipalities. It is incredibly fulfilling to assist issuers such as hospitals, universities, and other public entities access the capital they need in order to make our society better. I knew I wanted a business degree, and after doing the pre-requisites I was mostly interested in Finance.

After talking with some professors and students already in the program, I knew getting a Finance degree would set me on the best path to achieve my career goals.

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The Finance Program was instrumental in helping me transition into my career. The classes taught me hard skills about Excel and finance subjects I would use in my job. The Corporate Finance Club taught me soft skills about how to interview and network with professionals, which helped me land an interview with Microsoft. I'm working on the iPhone team, so my team projects demand for the next half-year, then works with the Operations and Supply Chain teams to obtain materials and capacity to meet projected demand.

Once we receive projected materials and capacity, our team lays out a supply plan for the next few weeks to fulfill orders and demand in every channel and market across the world.

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The Marriott School experience is great because of the people you are able to meet. The professors are always available to help students with classes or advice about interviews and offers. Older students provide great insight into internships and tips for interviews. Students in the program are amazing, and a great resource to keep in touch with as everyone begins their careers. I interned in Microsoft's Finance Rotation Program, where I was extended a full-time offer upon graduation. I accepted and returned the following summer.

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I was then recruited by Apple to interview with their Supply Demand Management team. In this role I use finance principles to create projections, work in Excel spreheets, and work with Sales and Corporate Finance teams as we prepare for quarter-end. I love how tangible my job is.

When our team does our job, customers are able to pick up any product they want, from any store or online order, anywhere in the world. We also work to provide accurate estimates for next quarter for Investor Relations. It's great working with different teams within the company, and across the world, to make that happen. I also love working for a company that has such a great culture, where everyone is excited about the products and services we offer our customers. Use the Marriott School network.

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Current professionals are always willing to talk with students and give insights into potential careers. Speaking with alumni is so beneficial because you make connections at companies or within roles that you're interested in, and you also learn how finance works outside of a classroom. I'm convinced I landed my internship because of all the time I spent reaching out to Marriott School alumni, as well as leveraging the skills I had been taught in classes and the clubs.

Finance has the most rigorous mathematical and modeling elements and therefore gives you valuable hard skills for employment. Vice President, Corporate and Investment Banking. I lead coverage in the southeast US for early and growth stage life sciences companies to deliver Wells Fargo's broad platform, including IBCM, treasury, credit, investments, foreign exchange, etc.

I have been a top performer and have advanced quickly at Wells Fargo.

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Today I am the first full-time coverage officer in the southeast for the early stage life sciences sector. Meeting incredibly smart executives, venture investors, and scientists, diving deep into the bleeding edge of medical and scientific advancement, and being on the front lines of bringing new cures to cancer and rare diseases to market.

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Seek out challenges. Seek out math.

Alumni snapshots

Seek out modeling. Mine the BYU alumni base for opportunities but with proper etiquette. Network while in school. People cannot help you if they do not know you. I felt that out of all the options at the Marriott School, the Finance major was the most ambitious and forward-thinking.

I considered both ing and Marketing at the time and Psychologybut loved the concept of asset management, of turning money into more money, and the finance world in general and knew that's the direction I wanted to head. Everyone seemed very close and willing to help each other in a collaborative environment, even though we were all competing with each other for the best grades.

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Last - I knew that if I wanted to make a lot of money I've never regretted my decision. But what is important is that you learn to work hard, and diligently. Under the direction of Senior Managers, I lead several teams of individuals in assisting clients with their Internationally Mobile employee population who hold or are being granted equity as part of their compensation package.

We help in structuring corporate equity compensation plans to take the greatest advantage of current tax laws, and advise both companies and employees in regards to how their equity will be taxed and credits that may be available to help offset their liabilities or reduce double taxation. Most recently I've been heavily involved in creating, testing, and implementing proprietary technology to perform calculations for equity transactions to determine reporting and withholding obligations in more than countries.

I am also leading a charge working directly with a partner in the firm to build out a new service offering within our group to assist clients with improving their end-to-end equity comp. I value it above all else. You cannot beat the value you get from this experience and the networks you will build. After our first baby was born last year, we made the mutual decision that she would quit her career to stay home and raise our family.

We bought a home in West Bountiful, UT, byu Sunnyvale CA dating that brings us to the present. Being able to work with many different people across many, many diverse backgrounds. EY highly values diversity and inclusion, and I find that our teams work extremely well together because of that.

I love project management, and being able to see a client through from implementation to completion and to have them fully satisfied and have them go to market for you. Nothing better than that.


Focus on your extracurricular activities and internships! More than anything, this is what will set you apart. Your studies are important, but prospective employers are going to care MUCH more about what experience you have in the industry than what your GPA is. That being said It's important to find a balance. I am a part of the Future Finance Leaders Program, which is Honeywell's development program for future finance professionals. I am in charge of helping provide analysis on Working Capital, Past Due Receivables, and many other key metrics used to help run the business that I work in.

My responsibilities change daily based on the needs of the business.

My experience at the Marriott School helped prepare me for the beginning of my career at Honeywell. At BYU, I learned how to manage competing priorities as I worked hard in school and competed for a good job after graduation.

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The professors always maintained a good balance of teaching technical and behavioral skills, while upholding the spiritual environment that is found at BYU. Overall, I had an excellent experience at the Marriott School. Current and prospective Finance students should explore different careers in Finance. The current and prospective students should explore all of the different tracks in order to narrow down their choices before jumping into the craziness of recruiting season.

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Several factors influenced my decision. I knew I wanted a degree that had clear, practical implications for a future career.

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I was interested in macroeconomics and securities markets. And, of course, I'd heard about the high quality of the Finance Department.

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I decided to pursue a graduate degree, and am currently working on receiving my J. My particular interest is in securities law. Don't feel pressured into following a particular career path simply because it's what everyone around you is doing. I was deep in investment banking interviews before realizing it wasn't what I wanted to do, and decided to shift to law school applications.

I ended up at an byu Sunnyvale CA dating school, and am so happy with my decision. Relatedly, a Finance degree opens more doors than you might expect. Don't be afraid to explore career options; the Finance Department does an incredible job at preparing you for any of opportunities. I knew from a very young age that I would do something with s when I grew up, because my favorite subject in school was math. As I got older and gained a better understanding of my options, I realized I wanted to use my love for s to do something in business. I found my passion when I found finance.

The finance program helped lay the foundation for how to be a critical thinker, how to learn, how to analyze data, how to problem solve, and so much more.